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Monday, October 03, 2005

A Near DIY Disaster And October's GDR

Another busy start to the week with work and having to charge around Edinburgh getting Laura to and from her after-school activities. I'm not sure if it would be easier if I drove because it's not as if there is anywhere you can park in this city, but I managed nevertheless.

My office is a tip. Boxes of books and research lies everywhere and it seems to be taking an age to sort it out. I spent most of my evening on it because as soon as it is done the sooner I can start to enjoy the room. There isn't enough room for everything and so all the surplus, not-immediately-required things I have are being boxed and will be stored in the loft. Easy to get to should I need it and it also means the room can be kept more organised.

Tempers were fraught when Gail and I tried to put the shelves that I constructed last night, onto the wall. The hand drill was brought out and dust shot everywhere as I bored my way through the plaster and into the wall of the building. Up went the shelf structure but panic ensued when the screws kept popping out of their holding.

As I write this, it's still on the wall, but I don't trust it with anything heavier than a bookend. I'll have to get Ian to check out the solidity of my drilling. Of course, Gail's immortal comment finished the DIY experience off for me when she said, "I'd have put it further to the right inline with the cabinet."

I can't wait until it's finished though and I'll post a pic when it is. I'm looking forward to getting the fish tank in as well - a new home for Smashie.

My friend and colleague, Devon Ellington, today launched Circadian Poems - a site dedicated to the art of poetry and the world around it. It opens with a wonderful poem by a good friend of mine, Wanda D. Campbell, which has set the bar well high as far as the standard of poetry you might expect to read on this site. Go check it out - I have some articles and poems accepted myself for the near future.

I can see this month is mostly being about the publication and launch of Fringe Fantastic and so my GDR for October reflects this work. Fiction-wise, my schedule is left pretty much open although I intend to absorb myself in the writing of a story to sit alongside the album Stella by Yello. It's an idea I had a couple of years ago and have not done anything about. The time is right now and it's bubbling away aching to come out.

October's GDR

* Final edit on Whisky Snatching and submit to WM (deadline Jan' 06)
* Complete What A Waste and pitch to high-ranking paying markets only
* Work out plot to fit the album Stella by Yello
* Keep on top of submissions list

* Complete final edits on all poems for Fringe Fantastic
* Complete design and layout of Fringe Fantastic
* Conduct photo shoot for front and back covers of Fringe Fantastic
* Conduct Photo shoot of professional author portraits
* Submit penultimate final draft of Fringe Fantastic to publisher

* Chase up query for RLS market and dig out new markets
* Write four more articles for Great Scottish Authors series (400-600 w each) - Janice Galloway, Muriel Spark, Iain Banks, Edwin Morgan
* Write up Ian Rankin interview for Scruffy Dog Review
* Write up Ian Rankin interview from a writer's angle and pitch to appropriate markets
* Develop ideas for travel articles I have in mind (Edinburgh, Leith, Renfrewshire, Aberfoyle)

Marketing and Promotion
* Develop bookmark idea
* Joint Press Release about KIC status
* Begin preparing a marketing strategy for Fringe Fantastic
* Keep website up to date

Reading and Research
* Complete Read Tall Tales and short Stories Vol.2 for then release
* Get fully up to date with KIC e-zines
* Finish Kidnapped by RLS
* Finish research book for unpublicised future project

Other Projects
A biggy is underway - but I'm not in a situation to announce any details JUST yet
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