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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Grey Day

A grey sky dispelled sheets of relentless rain upon most of the country making it a dreary and dispiriting day. I had no work to go to but the responsibility of looking after Laura meant I was up as early as I would be normally - hangover or no hangover.

An early trip to the shops to get some essentials was followed by a large cup of hot coffee and a bacon roll to set me up for the day. The rain outside meant there was little else we could do, though had to get Laura to an afternoon party with all her friends. We decided on cartoons and videos for the most part.

I felt shattered all day from last night. An afternoon sleep would have gone down a treat if I could have managed it, but as anyone with kids will know, it's a luxury you learn to enjoy when it comes round every few weeks. I got that luxury between dropping her off and collecting her again, but I was still as tired as I was before.

I took some more notes down for the e-book but little else work got done. It was serious procrastination because there is more I could have been doing - I just couldn't be arsed. It was a lazy day and I lost most of it to the television until the evening; c'est la vie.

I did get some work done after dinner, but not a lot. Most of it related to the e-book and an idea for Fronds of Thought before I pass it on. I'm going to miss those green pages.
Colin 10:25 am


I get like that when it rains. It must have to do with the absence of Sun or something--rain makes you TIRED.

Hope the sun comes out soon! :-)

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