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Friday, July 29, 2005

No Words Required

Another day off but it rained constantly so I stayed in. I did a bit of tidying and stacking away the purchases from a visit to the supermarket, but other than that it was a relaxing kind of day.

Sitting at my PC in the kitchen with the rain falling outside, I listened to it making an exaggerated patter as it fell on the conservatory roof. Rather than annoying me, I listened and let my mind wander.

Falling rain is always something I have appreciated. I remember looking out of my bedroom window as a boy and watching it gather in puddles on our paved path by the lawn. All the circles increasing outward and bouncing off each other, the clouds above reflected in the small pool forming.

I like falling asleep to the sound of rain outside. I find it relaxing, comforting even, and it seems to calm me. When I used to fish for trout on the River Gryffe back home and the rain started, I would find shelter under my umbrella or a tree and have my tea and sandwiches (if I remembered to bring them). I would watch the river flow by from a spot among the reeds and branches, and it was as close to nature one could get. Such a peaceful place to be and my memories of my time spent on that river have stayed with me for years.

I worked through another run of the Round-Robin interview/article, adding more to yesterday's answers. I had left some blank while I thought about them last night and today then entered those also. I tightened up of the new-look Robert Louis Stevenson article; inserting some links to websites and a couple of photographs to give it more relevance to today.

Before I sign off, here's a picture that tells my story of the recent Pub Golf Tournament. Taken shortly after my surprising barf into a nearby gutter, it displays both the joy and the sadness of the day on my face (left) and Tom's (right). No words are required to describe my pain.

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Colin 3:11 pm


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