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Monday, August 01, 2005

August GDR And A New Project

The sunny weather is continuing and my chesty cough is worsening in line with it. I had to take some flu remedies during the day but with all the coughing I've started to get blinding headaches to match it.

It would have been made worse had I been in the office but for today and tomorrow I'm on a training course at the other end of town, so I'm appreciating the change in scenery.

Actually, learning something new while being within the "work" domain is refreshing and brings back a lot of old memories. It's almost like the Company gives a shit but the truth is we're only there to fill out the numbers for the cost of the contract we pay to the provider.

I went out for lunch - there's no canteen where we are - and I got myself a chicken curry. The idea was to sweat the flu-symptoms away but it was the dampest squib of a curry I've ever had in my life. It smelt gorgeous; spices and a middle-east aroma with pilau rice and pitta. Instead it was flat and boring, cardboard rice and I've tasted hotter chocolate digestives.

I didn't need a dinner as a result though, but I had to get a lot of the junk that has built up in my room sorted out. Most of it was research papers, magazines, books and CD's - always the same stuff that seems to congregate at my side of the bed.

Enough of all this domestic shite though, for I have some exciting news.

The 13 Travelling Journals Project is not much longer for these shores. I am reluctant to say too much through this medium, because there's a dedicated website for it. I will be sending some stuff by email to Devon so hopefully you can read some extracts on her website for the project.

Also, August sees the start of the Edinburgh Festival. This comprises more than just the official festival; there's the Fringe, the Book Festival, the Arts festival, the Film festival - blah, blah, blah, the list goes on.

So - my GDR for August will be different to previous months, in that it will reflect all of this. All my work this month will be centred around the Festival. Similar to Brick by Brick, which saw me amalgamate my poetry and photography for the first time, I am going to put together another ebook. It will be along the same lines as Brick by Brick, but will concentrate on the Festival.

August GDR

* Submit Monday Mornings to WM competition - pending
* Final edit on Whisky Snatching and submit
* Final edit on War Generations and submit

* Write poems about the Edinburgh Festival
* Collate best and most appropriate ones
* Film/photograph images of the Festival to go with the poems
* Design an e-book of the above

* Pitch and submit article on RLS to intended market by 5th August

Marketing and Promotion
* Look at getting business cards made up - only if time/money
* Press Release for last six months of HJ
* While doing the Festival poetry ebook, leave Hunting Jack leaflets around Edinburgh

Reading and Research
* Read more poetry and fiction
* Keep up to date with KIC e-zines

Other Projects
* 13 Traveling Journals Project - Complete entries and send to next Journaler (word?) by 18th August
Colin 6:17 pm


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