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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Magnificent End

I'm thinking of making a change in my life.

For the past six years I have been running The Magnificent 7 website. It's a website devoted to the band Madness and has been a real labour of love. It started out back in 1999 as a small and shabby website; a hobby, designed only as a medium through which I could share photographs and experiences of going to see Madness play live.

As my knowledge of the Internet and of website design grew, so did the website itself and before long I moved the site to its own domain and hosting server. It started to grow outwith my control; yes I was updating it and building in new sections, but it was fast becoming recognised as one of the larger and most up-to-date Madness fan sites on the Net. Quite a compliment; but quite a drain on my time too.

The band themselves were known to pop in from time to time and e-mail me with news, info and thanks until eventually I even got to meet them all at various events in London; a dream come true and all the while, the webstire was beoming the largest Madness resource in the UK and second in the world. Following the collapse of the world's number 1, The Magnificent 7 took its place at the top of the mantle.

But now things have gotten out of control. People and companies think the site is the official Madness website; I'm not talking Jim Smith from Croydon here; I'm talking MTV, booking agencies, the media and record companies. I am becoming more and more swamped with having to deal with genuine requests for band interviews, public and television appearances and arranging for Madness to play at festivals across the UK in up to 2 or 3 years time.

Quite simply, The Magnificent 7 has a life of it's own and I am no longer able to give it the attention it deserves. Not only that, but the costs of running and maintaining the site are an overhead I'd rather lose. With my writing taking up more and more of my spare time, I am no longer able to keep the Madness community informed of the latest developments and lately, I've let it all slip.

And so, it is with deep regret that I think I will have to relinquish the crown of running the world's largest Madness Fansite. The Magnificent 7 looks to be drawing to a close. Unless anyone wishes to take over its reigns, the next time I am due to renew the server account, I shall allow it to expire. A slow death I am aware, but I want to hang onto life for as long as it can.
Colin 12:04 pm


Oh Col,
I would IMAGINE that there has to be another Madness fan out there like you, who would be glad to take over the reigns! I would make the same announcement on the website. Announce (for all to see) that you are "retiring" and looking for someone to take over. I bet if you did that you'd get some interested parties...

ps--I'm very proud of myself. I figured out (without PM'ing you) what "Snooker" is...
Contact the band's manager/promotor or the record company and see if they want to take it over. They should be dealing with all those sorts of rquests anyway. They've had a free ride with you handling so much -- they can either put you on salary, or they can take over the site.

Good luck.
aw cols..... its all running!!!! ;-)

Sorry to hear this news as you have done very well with the site. It was always funny seeing the various pictures from madness tours on it!

Binny Baggers
Big Man,
it would be really sad for the site to go into early retirement, but I can totally understand your reasons.
You should be proud of what you have accomplished, however, when you've gotta go....
What about Wee Stoo? Is he up for the challenge?
Bobby Mackerel

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