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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Talking Art

Day 2 of the technical course in Edinburgh's West End. It's loosing its interest but when that happens I try to remember how much worse it is in the office and I get all perky again.

My chest is slowly clearing. I'm only having bouts of coughing but they really started to annoy the bloke who was taking our course when they happened.

I met Ruth for lunch. She's a good friend and is doing an Art Degree at Edinburgh College of Arts. We went to All Bar One and had a nice lunch and talked a lot about her course and my work. There are a lot of similarities even though a lot of what she does is visual and hand-crafting. We've decided to do a joint project; not sure precisely what yet, but we want to do something that combines visual art with words.

I'm quite into that just now, what with the production of Brick by Brick earlier in the year and my Edinburgh Festival ebook I am going to put together this month. It should be exciting and personally, it gives me an opportunity to knock heads with another artist and see what we come up with face to face. Other than my valued writing friends on the Internet, there is nobody locally that I can really get deep with conversationally and talk about writing and the arts.

I did see a writing group that suited but they met on a Wednesday so that was no good. And Leith doesn't seem to have one except when the local centre has a travelling writer visit.

Lunch was over before I knew it. We had been talking so much, I'm sure we could have gone on for hours given half a chance. I'm going to send Ruth my GDR stuff and a copy of Brick by Brick to see what she thinks and hopefully spur her into new ideas and getting more dedicated - which is the main thing she was getting to me about.

I re-orged my GDR for August and posted it to my blog (yesterday's entry). I'm quite excited about everything just now. I've done some good fiction and non-fiction work over the last month and am involved with the 13 Journals Project. When this idea came to me about a Festival e-book, I felt like I was overflowing with creativity and ideas. It's flowing through me like a channel of positive energy and it can only be good.

Some of my evening was spent researching software that helps to produce more professional looking e-books. There are a few that also offer print book publishing facilities but the prices involved if I were to have colour pictures on every page would be exorbitant. If I were to produce purely a poetry book with colour cover, it would be nice and cheap. Colour costs so we'll have to see. It would be nice to be able to offer both. It's something to think about at least.

Quick YAY for some writing pals:

Devon Ellington has just had two excellent articles published over at

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And Michelle Miles has just complete the writing of her serial, Scars of Yesterday - a major achievment.
Colin 10:56 am


hhhhmmmmmm as a sister that knows you well why am I not surprised to hear they you are starting to feel better the more Friday, and more importantly, your weekly outing to Clarks approaches!!!
;-) Quite right too!!
Hey! I just saw this kudos. I guess I didn't read down far enough. :) Thank ye kindly!

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