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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

School Cover

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Another day off work for school holiday cover. All these sporadic days off help to break the weeks up, and it makes going back into the office slightly more bearable as a result. The feeling lasts for minutes, however, and then it's back to the realisation that where I work, is the most soul-sapping, demoralising, hellish place on earth.

I worked until just after 1am last night and was quite tired this morning, but I managed to make a cup of coffee-deluxe and get showered so the day got off to not a bad start.

That was until work phoned wanting me to do a night shift on Saturday. I agreed because I could do with the money and I'm not doing anything anyway. I'll write up until 11pm then go into work. That's the plan anyway.

The sun started to peek out in the later part of the morning so I took a walk into Leith. I got some stuff to make dinner and other messages then came home and had lunch and tidied parts of the house before getting down to some DIY.

I wanted to do more than I actually got through but restoring the bookshelf is going to take longer than I envisaged. It is currently pink so I need to sand it all off before re-painting it a nice shade of brown. All the nooks and curves and the patches of tough paint makes hard going though.

Throughout the afternoon I stopped to watch the racing from Glorious Goodwood, which is on all week. I also watched the Space Shuttle Discovery taking off from Cape Canaveral at 15:39 - always exciting to watch. then I made a start on dinner; Marzetti - *drool, drool*!

I spent quite a bit of time this evening on the Internet looking at writing sites and other writer's blogs. Found one through one of the forums I'm on that I like. It's called Pendrifter; you should check it out.

I'm stuck with the G8 Story though I did think up a working title; War Generations. It doesn't work though it captures the essence, it's just not - right. I gave it another read over and I'm happy with it - I think. I've rarely written in first pov, particularly for two characters in the one piece so I hope it works.

To test out my thoughts I asked if anyone in my writing group would be willing to have a read and crit what has already been penned. They were only too happy to offer their services and I can look forward to a string of critiques on this work in the next few days.

Looking at my GDR I have some marketing work to do and some poetry I want to get down before the end of the week.

Also, there is a round table discussion with some of my friends, which arrived in my inbox this evening. I'll work on that tomorrow. And I submitted Daffodils to Glimmer Train. I had been waiting to re-submit to NFG but they've gone on haitus so I'll stick with top end markets after the praise I got from NFG first time round.
Colin 1:17 pm


Aw, C'mon...what's wrong with PINK?

Hee hee!
Pink is the new black or hadn't you heard? ;)

Good luck that submission, Colin!

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