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Wednesday, July 13, 2005


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The journal, Fronds of Thought, is preparing for its journey across the Pond. Check it out in its carry-case at the 13 Traveling Journals Site (July 12th entry)

In the morning and over lunch I attained a good level of productivity. I ran through Whisky Snatching a couple of times; editing, chopping and fixing, and it's starting to look like a really good story. I reckon this has a great chance of publication. I know I say that about everything I write but deep down I know some pieces are stronger than others; I just feel loyal to everything that makes it to my Completed Work folder.

It has been written specifically for the Annual Crime Story at Writing Magazine with a deadline of next February so if it doesn't make the short list it will be a while before it sees the light of day again. It's a good story though; I'm quite chuffed.

Completed the section of the G8 story that deals with Carl and his attitudes/response to the G8 and London Bombs. I'm happy with it so far though there is an gaping hole in the plot which needs altering. Next up is the conflict; supplied by his WW2 veteran Uncle.

So with all I got through I felt no irritation when it came time to go to the snooker with Ian. For the sake of writing a few hundred words, meant I could enjoy my evening.
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These beer ads are hilarious! (My favorite being the "I'll Snog You" one...)

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