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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Old Man Chirac And July's GDR

Drizzle accompanied the cool air on my way to work as did the news that several main roads into Edinburgh have cordoned off by the police due to a threat made to the Sheraton Hotel on Lothian Road. Goddamn anarchists are at it again! Apparently the soap-dodgers were up at 4am and on the march and managed to block off the A9 as well as rioting with police in Stirling. From the reports I saw it looks like the police weren't handling it too well as I saw cars being smashed up with poles and police vans being attacked by the jobless thugs. Can someone explain to me what gives these people to protest in this manner? And why do they insist on contradicting Geldfo and Co.? Who are they? What do they want? Does anyone care about them?

Just another G8 summit then! And it will probably worse because tonight is another march to Murrayfield for the final Live8 concert. Wonderful.

By lunchtime there were more reports of demo's sprouting up across Edinburgh in the West End, The Mound and Waterloo Place. Have they got nothing better to do? These people are such a pain in the arse, though I have to thank them for one thing - an idea for a short story based on all the troubles.

That old scamp over in Paris, President Jacques Chirac stood on a few British toes yesterday when he said, "One cannot trust people whose cuisine is so bad - after Finland, it is the country with the worst food."

That's fine Mr. Increasingly-unpopular-in-the-Euro-community, we will expect you to pull your nation out from the Olympics in 2012 when it is held in London - after we won it over the top of your bid, which you spent millions on over a period of five years putting together. Shame that.

Or perhaps you might choke on those words as you tuck into your 3-star Michelin meal at Gleneagles over the next couple of days. Or maybe you should have taken a course in international relations first.

Can you believe this man thinks he is the same lever as Her Majesty The Queen because he is a Head of State? I think the man is going loopy and should go before he is ever so gently pushed.

I wrote out my interview response and worked on Whisky Snatching. It needed a different ending to what I was planning and this makes it much stronger and sadder. A heart-wrenching tale of solitude in humour. I also complete the 3 poems sitting in my 'waiting for a final polish' pile and wrote up this month's GDR.

It is going to be pretty much the same stuff I never got done last month but will also include two larger pieces of work in the KIC e-book and the 13 Journals Project. I listed this project in a different category, as I see it not just as a fictional piece of work (or non-fictional come to that). It covers everything - or it will do in my case. Can't wait to get started on it.

July GDR

* Submit Monday Mornings to WM competition
* Complete Whisky Snatching and submit
* Resubmit Heart of a Child
* Write novella for KIC e-book project (20k minimum)
* Write 1 short story
* Read through and re-org of novel WIP

* Write 4 new poems minimum
* Edit and complete 3 poems in WIP
* Write more Haiku

* Submit article on RLS to intended market

Marketing and Promotion
* Look at getting business cards made up
* Press Release for last six months of HJ

Reading and Research
* Read more poetry and fiction
* Keep up to date with KIC e-zines

* Complete first draft of Web Development manual

Other Projects
* 13 Travelling Journals Project
Colin 11:34 am


I am NOT a Chirac fan, for obvious reasons. I am SOOOOO glad London got the Olympics over his country!GO LONDON!
Viva la France my eye.

(Oooh, I'm a bit feisty this morning!)

France is full of a bunch of pansy-arse's that expect the US and the UK to bail them out of troubles. So there, France! :P
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