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Monday, July 04, 2005

Anti-Capitalist Movement Meets With Scottish Force

Happy Independence Day to all my US buddies!

I got back from Blackpool early this morning and went straight to work, totally forgetting about the G8 marches arranged by the extreme left-wing supporters. The first I remembered was when the taxi driver said it was just as well he was coming from Leith or he may not have made it.

Apparently there was several hundred G8 protesters massing in the West End of the city. I could sense an annoying day ahead.

I got to work and faced the mundane routine once more. Endless emails and phone calls about nothing really that important, but by mid-afternoon the fun was starting. The official communication line in the company was telling us "not to leave the office" and that we would be informed when we could. This was due to the unruly behaviour of the protestors who the police were trying to hold to the one area of the city.

It didn't happen however and the result was rioting through the main thoroughfare with the police being forced to wield batons and shields. It was almost inevitable that these soap-dodgers would come and spread their brand of violence in some extreme unnamed left-wing cause. All
they did was blacken their own name and disgrace themselves.

I sat and watched as the wooden benches that line parts of Prince Street were thrown around as weapons and barricades; benches that loved ones dedicated to their loved ones now departed. Men and women, some of whom fought for this country in the World Wars so that we may have our freedom. Then these scumbags come along and desecrate the city, cover sections with their graffiti in the name of a good cause and send the innocent people that live here running for cover.

I walked home with helicopters buzzing over my head and to the sound of endless sirens echoing through the streets. It was more like a scene from an urban war movie, and it was all down to a few hundred cowards, scared to even show their faces on TV and then have the nerve to blame it all on the Police.

The Police; both the Scottish and the Metropolitan force drafted in for the event, did a wonderful job. Having seen the effect of previous G8 summits on cities in the past, they managed to hold them at two key points and prevent them from staging running battles.

100 arrests were made and included in the haul was weapons and communications equipment, which indicates a degree of organisation and money was behind their plans. A dangerous mix of social dropouts and bored rich kids with nothing to do has scarred this city and I hope tomorrow as they are hauled through the courts, that no leniency be shown. Let us show them the respect they showed us when they vandalised our buildings and streets and started the violence with the police.

Moving onto other things and I did an update on my website tonight. It was much needed and I added a new section; a dedicated Hunting Jack page from the Stories page.

I realised I have forgotten to update my GDR for June and July so I'll publish that tomorrow. I was so tired after my weekend that I hit they sack early. I got some more detailed notes down for the e-book; still no title though but I'm not worried about that at the moment.

Michelle Miles posted me five questions on her blog at and so here are my answers:

1. Besides being a writer, if you could be anything in the world you wanted, what would you be?

I wanted to be a paramedic at one point and then an architect but I suppose given the openness of the question, I would loved to have been a member of Madness, the UK ska band.

2. If you were stuck on a deserted island, what three things would you want to have with you and why?

A radio, because I can't live without music.
A notebook and pen (1 item?) so that I could write about my experiences.
Davina McCall because - well she's still a beauty!

3. When do you feel most creative?

Without a doubt in the morning and late at night - overnight. The morning brings with it a freshness and newness that inspires me creatively, but the darkest hour overnight is a special time I rarely see and if it were possible I would turn night into day and write through the darkness.

4. You've finished your novel and sent it off to a big time editor at your favorite publishing house. To your elation, you get "the call". Who is the first person you tell?

My wife, Gail. Then my parents. Then my fish, Smashie.

5. What is the one writing tool you absolutely cannot live without?

My notebook because without it I would forget the wee gems I think of during the day or the ideas that pop in then out of my head more quickly than the changing of traffic lights on Princes Street.

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Colin 9:28 pm


Wow - what a fiasco! Glad you're okay!
Lock up the thugs and throw away the key, that's what I say!
On a lighter note I now have that picture of the lovely Davina as the background on my pc. We obviously share the same tastes big man. Problem is, Fiona fancies her too! But thankyou anyway.
Just remember don't say f*ck or b*gger!
Scary about the riots. Glad you were safe, though. And great answers to my questions! :)

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