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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

June's (Late) GDR

I could hear sirens into the night last night, but not even their constant wailing could prevent me from dropping into a much-needed sleep. I never even heard Gail come to bed around midnight, nor even Laura getting up at 4am.

Yet another bright day befell the city and I saw on the early morning news the street cleaners had been quick off the mark last night to rid the place of evidence that anything untoward had ever happened.

Edinburgh is back to normal it would seem; for now anyway. Tomorrow see the start of the summit itself and there is bound to be more trouble. It's the people in Auchterarder I feel for now. They must be bricking themselves in after seeing what happened here yesterday, though I read they have two police for two every citizens of the town as well as all the other security behind it.

All this peace and calm of course meant that when I called the staff incident line I was told it was safe to go into work. Damn! Never an anarchist around when you need one!

No work talk here - this is a cheery blog.

I left the hole of hell at the usual time and met my wife. We dropped in to see our nephew, Kyle then headed home.

My post-work email check held a surprise when I was asked to do an interview for an Edinburgh-based humour website. The site has already interviewed a few famous people under its 'Celebrity Interview' pages and although the questions are off-the-wall, which does appeal greatly to my warped sense of humour, I reckon it'll be a good bit of publicity. Imagine - me a celebrity!

I'll do the interview tomorrow and I am informed it will be on their website for 7 to 10 days from July 23rd. I'll post the link here when it goes up.

WhileGail was out I got some quality writing time. Laura was away staying at her Gran's house, so I had total peace to write. My immediate priorities are the completion of Whisky Snatching, the KIC e-book and my submissions list needs a boost.

But now it's time for the belated June review. It's slightly later than normal due to the new month falling on the Blackpool weekend, but here it is. And it doesn't read pretty so if you have a nervous disposition look away now.

GDR June 2005

* Submit Monday Mornings to WM competition - not done
* Complete Whisky Snatching and submit - not done
* Resubmit Heart of a Child - done (Gorlan Publications 2/6, rejected)
* Resubmit Loaded - done (Barcelona Review 2/6)
* Write 2 short stories - not done
* Write 10,000 words of novel WIP - not done

* Write 4 new poems minimum - not done
* Edit and complete 3 poems in WIP (Boxes, In the City and Life) - not done
* Write more Haiku - not done

* Travel article on Edinburgh Literary Figures (priority) - complete.
* Submit above article to intended market - not done

Marketing and Promotion
* Look at getting business cards made up - not done
* Press Release for last six months of HJ - not done

Reading and Research
* Read more poetry and fiction - read Porno by Irvine Welsh and various online stories
* Keep up to date with KIC e-zines - done

* Complete first draft of Web Development manual - not done

Things that turned up
* Wrote review of Porno (750 words)
* KIC Soap - written and submitted (2000 words)
* KIC PR and Marketing work - submitted requests but new person taken over since.
* Signed up for 13 Travelling Journals Project with Devon Ellington


My failure to be more positive in the face of adversity. Fuck it - I'm only human!

Fiction - 2000 (soap)
Non-Fiction - 750 (porno)
Blog - 11,400

Being out of action from the 4th to the 19th June didn't help matters though. That's almost the first 3 weeks of the month I was unable to physically write due to my head injury so I suppose I should cut myself some slack. It took me a while to get back into it.

Before my accident I had started work on restructuring novel 2. During my absence I read a full novel and I slowly got back into my writing thereafter by writing a review on it and turning to my notebook for solace.

Motivation took a slump in the latter stages of the month just after my injury and I think deep down I just wanted the month to be over.

I'm glad it is. July can only get better.

Here's a chart of my output so far this year (click to enlarge):

Colin 11:30 am


Well, we know you're human Colin! Be thankful you're not a robot! ;-)
Best of luck with the GDR--you can do it!

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