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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Keep Moving

The sky was as blue as a Caribbean bay all day, and at its peak the temperature soared over 80 degrees. While Gail sat at home lapping it up in the back garden and sending me picture messages of her chilling out (sick!!), I was sat in the office; a bricked up box with no windows or doors (metaphorically speaking).

I bumped into a mate over lunchtime; Colin Ross who I went to the recent Madness gig with. He's not long back from Turkey and swears it's hotter here than over there. I'm seriously considering bringing an ice pack to work and one of those wee hand-held fans that JR Ewing used to use.

I read a disturbing report today about hotels in and around London city centre doubling their room prices last Thursday. While hundreds, if not thousands of people were trapped in the city due to the closure of the transport network caused by terrorist bombs, countless commuters were forced to pay double the odds so the hotels could made a killing. This is absolutely shocking, and is not how it should have been done. So much for the old spirit of togetherness.

I wrote out some emails that were waiting in my inbox and caught up on a lot of other correspondence. I tend to loose touch in a lot of publications and so it is good to keep a tab in what kind of fiction they are looking for so I did a quick catch-up of some of my regular e-zines.

I submitted Heart of a Child to The Big Ugly Review. Their theme for the next issue is 'hidden agendas' and so I think given the right pitch, it fits quite nicely.

Unfortunately that was the sum of my writing work for today. When I got home Gail had some things for me to do; cutting up the old cabinets in the bedroom that were left in the house and moving furniture about. By the time I did all that and tidied up, made my dinner and sat down to eat it, it was 11 o'clock and I was knackered.

I watched some TV while I eat my dinner and I tell you what - ice-cold Irn-Bru of a warm evening really hits the spot.

In order to alleviate the guilt at having run out of time to write, I read through a couple of old Writing Magazines. The articles are superb and the advice well worthwhile the subscription. I keep every back issue and they go back a good few years now.

Because I have to go to snooker tomorrow night I know I will feel worse about myself if I don't get any writing done tomorrow. So, I made a vow that tomorrow I will write as much as I can before work, during my lunch hour, and if I can manage it after work before I go out. If I don't I'll start to get antsy and I want to keep July moving.
Colin 11:13 am


I hope you find the time to write--one good thing about's portable!

In the US, the same price gouging happens with gasoline and hotel rooms when there is a hurricane. It is against the law and if the business if found to be doing this (ie doubling the price of plywood before a hurricane) they can be fined.

Good luck with your submission. They've rejected me three times.
I keep all my old WD magazines, too. I have a whole shelful now. And I'm running out of space.

Good luck with your writing and your submissions. :)

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