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Friday, July 15, 2005

A Normal Friday

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At last the heat has dropped over Scotland and we have returned to semi-normality. Clouds and a cool breeze have now replaced the blazing sun and blue skies. I'm beginning to feel human, nae, Scottish again.

I got to work at a very respectable time this morning. My motivation? The newsagent on Dundas Street has only been getting a single copy of the Racing Post in and it's always Tom who beats me to getting it. Today, I was first in and got the copy, it was payday AND I also got my 10th, and free coffee from Club Sandwich. Great start to Friday!

I haven't been to Clark's for a couple of weeks now but I met Dave for a couple over lunch. We caught up over a couple of pints and watched some of The Open currently being played at St. Andrews. Tiger Woods is romping it and looks like he's going to maul the field again.

After a boring couple of hours in the office I met up with Dave and Tom in Clark's and we watched more golf over some lager before Dave left. Tom and me decided to head down to the Shore for a few more and stopped in The Raj Indian restaurant for a meal after one of his horses had a return of £80. The Chicken Dhansak was superb, though I think tomorrow I may find myself regretting the choice. I just can't resist!

I got home late and sat with Gail for a while. A program with Ian Rankin discussing the thin line between fiction and real-life was on BBC4 so I watched it before going to bed. I forget the name of the man involved, but he was a writer who found himself on trial for murdering his wife and how the story reflected the perfect ingredients of a classic mystery work of fiction. Rankin was speaking from Edinburgh, including from inside the Oxford Bar. It was excellent viewing, but I was delighted to get to my bed when it was over.
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