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Sunday, July 24, 2005

What's The Deal With Firemen In Uniform?

Quick mention before I get started: my interview with Hey ASDA! Is now posted on their website.

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When I got up it was about nine o'clock and I felt surprisingly okay considering the state I got home at yesterday. I made some coffee and then Gail reminded me today was her Dad's Birthday BBQ. It would involve food and alcohol and she reminded me I had better not slink away in a corner with my hangover.

But, there was no hangover; I must have slept it all off overnight and so I was actually looking forward to getting something solid inside my stomach.
I helped Gail tidy the house then get ready and drive round to her Mum's. Gail's brother Alan joined us with his partner Donna and their son Kyle who was on good form. The weather was good for it too; a warm sun with little breeze made for ideal BBQ conditions. My heads is now slightly pink but nothing major.

Funniest moment of the afternoon came from Laura who decided to play a trick on her Grandad against my good advice. After the BBQ had finished the girls had all gone inside with Kyle. Ian had fallen asleep in the sun with a glass of rum in his hand when Laura snuck up on him, screamed "BOO!" and shook him.

Well the poor old blighter nearly jumped out of his skin. His drink flew out of his hand and the tall glass of rum and coke landed all over him and his new birthday clothes. I had warned her not to do it and thought she had listened, but she never does. Grandad, of course, exploded. It takes quite a lot for him to lose it but when he does, he goes off on one.

She should have known better, but I have to admit to having to fight hard not to explode with laughter at this latest prank of hers.

When Ian got over the trauma of it all he handed out the home-made trifle before we all headed back round to our house. Donna, Alan and Kyle came too because we were expecting visitors at around 6.30pm.

Shortly after we got back, our guests arrived. They parked their fire truck across the road from the house and it took up most of the street. It immediately attracted the attention of all the local kids who swarmed over and inside it.

Of the five firemen in total, two came into the house to talk to us about fire safety in the home. It's part of the Lothian and Borders Fire Prevention Scheme and we were only getting the talk because we know one of the firemen from the Marionville Station.

Gail was in her element; giggling and laughing away at the two firemen in their uniforms sitting in our living room. While she drooled over them I got on with the serious task of ensuring our home was safe and that we had a plan of action should the worst ever happen.

When they left, some of the kids from the street had to be physically removed from the truck so they could get away; with a burst of the siren to wake any neighbours who might be on night-shift. It was all very exciting. I'm sure the neighbours are loving us by now.

I played more with Kyle and later Gail went to see her pal, which left me time to do some writing. Mostly ideas and notes as well as some writings in the Fronds of Thought journal. Only one week to go on the GDR and it's looking good.
Colin 1:21 pm


Poor Laura! He didn't yell at her too long, did he?

And now, you can consider yourself "FIRE-PROOF."


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