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Sunday, July 17, 2005

A Space Is Forming

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A strange quiet has descended on the people across the street. Not surprisingly it looks like they are keeping a low profile after last night's events; the only indication of anything having happened is three bin bags full of beer cans and a policeman's hat on the front lawn.

Meanwhile over in my life, I got straight into the office after breakfast. I sanded the walls, stripped the paint off the door, removed skirting and removed the window panels. It took ages and by the end of it I was black - literally black.

There is still much to do and I think Gail is surprised at my willingness to keep going. It's the vision that's pushing me; the vision of a space that is dedicated to writing. A space where I can close a door and be able to get right into creating, without disturbance or hindrance; that will be comfortable and inspiring.

At the moment I am stuck in the kitchen on an old desk beside fridge-freezer and it's constant humming. I'm between the conservatory and main part of the downstairs so everyone walks past me. This means I get absolutely no peace or privacy and it does my head in. There is no storage space or places to put my stuff and of course, everyone uses the kitchen. See for your self.

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With Gail's help I started to plan the layout of the room and choose furniture. We decided where the desk and the drawers will go, the location of the bookcase and all the power points. There'll be some shelves too and of course, a place for Smashie's new tank. I think I want the walls to be Moonlight Blue (pale blue-grey type colour) with a neutral carpet (undecided as yet). The furniture is going to be Traditional Oak (I think that's its name - that light brown wooden colour) and I am going to paint the bookcase a light blue. This should create a nice open-minded room for writing in.

Here's the room, as it looks this evening.

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I told Gail I won't be working on the room every night. I have to keep a balance with my writing. Although I would love to throw myself into it for two weeks to see it done quickly, there is no way I could not write for two weeks or more until it is complete. And so it shall be; write one day, work on my office the next.


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