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Saturday, May 14, 2005


I was woken at 6am by Laura whimpering about a sore throat so that was pretty much me awake for the day. It's impossible to get back to sleep with the morning sun streaming into the room. We need new curtains thick enough to block out the light. I'm sure the neighbours are getting a right good show of me getting changed at night as well.

I made some coffee and took a walk round to the shop to get Laura some throat lozenges and medicine. She made out the Grim Reaper was taking a hold of her until I whipped out a bar of chocolate and suddenly the world had been righted.

With Laura "not well", Gail and I had to cancel a planned night to ourselves. I was planning on taking her to my favourite restaurant - Le Sept - but that went out the window. I've hardly seen my wife this week and we'd been looking forward to going out together. God knows when the next chance will come along for us to do something on our own.

Laura and Gail took over the lounge for the day with videos like Grease so I ended up spending most of the afternoon listening to the football on the radio and farting about the house. I flumped about trying to find things to do: tidying rooms, making tea, cleaning the cleaning equipment, hoovering - anything to take away the boredom but it hung about like a bad smell.

I couldn't write because it was the worst case of procrastination I've had in a long while. Getting woken so early took its toll as well and I ended up falling asleep for a couple of hours. Even writing this blog took a fair amount of pushing. Bloody computer is acting up as well, hanging and crashing all the time. Feel like putting my fist through it sometimes. If only I could afford a new one. If this machine went kaput for good I would be in some real trouble. Got loads of backups etc. but it's the access to the internet that would cause me most problems. And of course to top it off my writing group forum is down for an upgrade that wasn't communicated anywhere I could see - just wonderful.

All in all it was not a good day.

I eventually gave up and went to bed with a book.

Tomorrow is Oasis day. I need to get out and let my hair - grow, then down.

Colin 10:29 pm


Hope you're feeling better today (and that Laura is, too).

Have a blast at the concert!
PS I understand you wanting to put your fist through the computer -- I feel that almost every day!!!

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