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Sunday, October 10, 2004

The Worst Writing Sin?

I realised today that I have committed one of the cardinal sins of writing – I have missed a deadline. Months ago, I saw a competition in the writing magazine I subscribe too – called Writing Magazine funnily enough – and wrote a story for submission. The remit was the word “Daffodils” – and it had to be incorporated into the story in some way and be about 1200 words long.

I wrote the story of Leo, a hit man who is given the job of killing his old friend and accomplice. He waits in his friends flat at a table with a bowl of daffodils on it, and when his pal comes home, they have a conversation that results in some history being revealed and Leo kills him. Before he leaves, he throws the daffodils on the body.

I think it’s a good piece, full of nervous energy and tension, though probably not good enough to win anything. But the story was written precisely for that competition so I wanted to make sure it got entered before submitting elsewhere as a normal piece of fiction.

When I checked my subs folder, true enough – the piece was still there with the stamped envelopes ready to go. I couldn’t believe it. I am such a pillock.

Lesson learnt - this will never happen again.
Colin 1:21 pm


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