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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Scottish Pavement Drinkers

I met Gail outside her work at 5pm – the first time I’ve been down since she started. Lovely office, all glass panels and snazzy modern layouts. You can see right through the building from the rear to the front and out onto the Shore, in fact the office looks right over the Water of Leith and the surrounding café’s and bistros. Sounds like somewhere in southern France, but alas, the water is manky and the freezing winter is approaching fast. I can't believe the punters who DO sit on pavements in freezing cold weather - they really are kidding themselves. Edinburgh may have culture, but Paris or Milan it is not so they should stop trying to be Europeans. This is Scotland and they should remember it!

We went for a wee drink before having to go and collect Laura from the After School Club. One bottle of Budweiser and a glass of red wine were had. Now, I am not one to moan, especially about buying the bevy, but the wine was £5 for a 250ml glass!! I could have got the bottle for less!!!

Anyway we had a nice wee drink then headed off. Gail’s pal just got back from holiday so she went round to visit. I managed a guilt free evening of writing after the Wee Barra was in bed. And I got through a nice amount too; I tidied up Issue’s 17 and 18 and wrote 19. Issue 20 I made a start on but it was getting late and I was feeling fatigued so I stopped there. I’ve hit an interesting point in the story. Jackie is making decisions for himself now, and not relying so much on others around him to guide him. I think the experiences he has had and the trauma of it all did have a negative effect, but he is starting to use these experiences as positives.

Gail is out again tomorrow night so hopefully I can make some more strides with the story. I also want to make a start in my column for KIC Magazine and get more done on my website manuals. I'm working night shift on Saturday so hopefully that will give me some time to get more done as well.

Going to be busy, busy, busy!

Colin 11:01 pm


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