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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Issue 16 - Paragraph 1

A large chunk of the day was spent working. Which might not be so bad if it weren’t for the pure negativity that lives in this place. The smallest things are annoying me in here now, and I have to get up and go for a walk just to let it wash over. If I sit at the desk for too long, it creeps up until you can feel its breath on your shoulders, its light grip on your shoulders. "I gotta get oot man!"

I grappled once more with Para 1 of Issue 16 – and by jove - I think I got it! Finally I think I have reached the balance of good description and flow and I could feel the tension surrounding these 94 words finally dissipate. Issue 17 flowed well, but needs some padding out after I read it over. I need to do some research now though because the story is getting complicated every page I write. It’s not overly complicated - I do have a firm grasp on the sub-plots that are advancing, though a couple of these plots will require some reading and referencing. I’m starting to feel as if I have slowed in my writing over the past few days, yet the ideas are still coming. I am conscious of moving forward now and getting things done.

I decided to leave Issue 16 until tomorrow and give it one final read over before I send it on – just to be sure. I started doing some initial searches on the internet and dug up some interesting stuff for starters. There is lots more to do – a trip to the Library is also on the cards.

Some of my writing friends are also contributing to the planned KIC Magazine, and Devon is doing a Tarot reading column. She very kindly did a reading for Jackie McCann and late last night she sent them back. There is a possibility the reading might be published in a future issue of KIC Magazine so I am not going to go into it in detail. What I will say is, I have started doing some research on the results of the reading, both for Jackie AND for me, and am amazed at the information I am picking up on. Jackie was treated as a living breathing individual and the results reflected that. There were some particular comments that linked into future development plots I had considered for using to tie in the story nearer then end, and there was also some more direct observations concerning what Jackie is going through right now. Fascinating stuff! Check Devon's Blog, called Ink In My coffee
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