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Monday, August 30, 2004

The Festival Ends

Last night saw the end of all the festivals; The Fringe, the Book Festival and the International Festival. The fireworks party in Princes Street is next Sunday but I doubt I will go. They haven't changed it in years and after the displays I saw at Disney World over the summer it can never really be topped!

While the congestion caused by all the people that come from the farthest global corners won't be missed, I will miss the atmosphere that is generated by The Fringe. I noticed a coolness in the air walking to work this morning. Less people were about, and it seemed calmer.While it was not cold enough to chill me, it was not warm enough to cause me to sweat either. It was just right, and it signalled the ending of the festival, and the approach of autumn. Soon the cobbled streets will be awash with the golden-red of the moulting trees.

I like this time of year. It is a time of change and my daily routine moves in line with the seasons. Whereas a lot of people in this country suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), or they say they do - call me cynical, I am the complete opposite. I love getting up earlier and walking to work in the dark. The wildlife also changes - you get to hear the birds waking up, snails are still confused as to what time it is and become breakfast. Foxes are still on the prowl and other people struggle to get out of their kip - which means I get the streets to myself. A friend of mine who works in Waterstones has a website where he posts photographs he has taken when he is out at night. He goes into the empty streets in the early hours to take pictures of the most obsolete and ignored objects, yet somehow, in the sodium glow of the street lamps they take on a strange beauty. I'll dig out the URL and post it later.

I spent a chuck of the afternoon looking for a PC upgrade. The one I have just now was top of the range when I got it five years ago - now it is a relic and suffering from an inability to be matched with new software - it stil runs on Win98! It has done a good job - seeing me develop three generations of The Magnificent 7 - the largest Madness fansite in the world. It has seen me commence my writing as a serious endeavour, and it has helped me get in touch with people with like-minded interests the world over - some of whom are now amongst my closest friends. Testament indeed, to the positive power the internet can have.

It is time to move on though, and the main catalyst for the change has not been the progress of technology alone - but my wife has insisted I get rid of the desk in the bedroom for it is taking up too much space. The last bastion of my personal freedom and space is about to disappear, although this has its advantages. I am looking to replace it with a laptop which will mean more portability. It will enable me to embrace many of the technological advances in the way of website development and DVD/CD production - something my current machine cannot handle. Also, I am being asked to develop more and more websites for people which is good for the cash balance, and a laptop will mean I can have meetings with people and actually SHOW them examples during meetings. And of course, it will mean I can perform faster research for my writing on the internet as well as upgrading to better software. I've not picked one yet - I need to make sure I get the correct specification. There is one I fancy over on the Dell website, which will surely cause some hysterics with a colleague over on the east coats of the US!

Meanwhile on my battered PC, I completed my website tonight and am just waiting for the domain to be re-routed to my personal web address.

Colin 10:49 pm


Dell? Ha! How well you know me. Be very, very careful with them.

I'd check out some of the other comapnies that have a higher consumer rating first.

Or, if you get a Dell, purchase a separate service contract with a local computer genius instead. You'll save yourself a lot of emotional wear and tear in the long run.
I'd prefer a Dell over a Gateway. I had a Dell, but my husband gave it to his mother and bought me a new one built by some local guy. I never had any problems with mine, but it doesn't excuse that sexist customer service rep in India! Outsourcing! BA!

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But I never....?!?

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