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Monday, February 05, 2007

Feeling Terrible

Felt absolutely dreadful today such that I ended up spending the day in bed with a bottle of chesty cough medicine and paracetamol. I was off work because of it, but that was no bonus given how shitty I was feeling.

The day wasn’t wasted though, as in between bouts of heavy chesty coughing and nose clearing exercises, I put together my new website for promoting my fiction and poetry. I‘m fed up with the white on black and so this design, I hope, makes it more appealing and more versatile to work with.

I'll launch it in a couple of days once I've ironed out the remaining cracks.

I've also decided to ditch Blogger. I'm fed up with the loading and commenting problems, and the new version has no more benefits other than tags from what I can see. It's become too cumbersome to use and is affecting you lot too much so it's shifting. More when complete.

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Colin 12:36 pm


Sorry you feel so lousy. I hope today's better.

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