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Friday, February 02, 2007

Eve of the Six Nations

I walked out of the house at 6:30am this morning, and was struck by an awesome sight; a pitch black sky with a clear full moon sitting just above the roof of the house opposite. Cheekah-cheekah!

I logged on to Blogger as normal this morning to post my latest entry, and was forced into moving to their new system. I’d been avoiding it as it involved creating a Google account and having all my blogs switched over.

I didn’t particularly want to go. I’ve heard about problems with the new version and I have enough of my own here with people being unable to comment etc. On looking at the new dashboard though, it does appear that you can do more. Uploading images looks better and there is a facility for tagging. Not sure what else I’ve still to investigate. It’s a smarter layout but that doesn’t necessarily mean all the problems are gone. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve been on this guy’s mailing list for a wee while now, though until last night I never actually delved into his website to find out more about him. His name is Luke Wright, he is a performing poet, and he first came to my attention at the Fringe Festival last year. I read a review about him but was too late to get to one of his shows. He is now touring the country with a style of poetry I really enjoy and admire.

Have a read of some of his work. It’s superb stuff; funny, witty, provoking – and the guy is only 24! He wants to be Poet Laureate, and I tell you what, if he keeps going the way he is then he has my vote.

Then, I had a magnificent idea. What if I were to publish Fringe Fantastic, Poolside Poetry AND Brick by Brick in one anthology – HARDBACK! It could be another marketing tool to use in my portfolio and would easy enough to put together since I already have the manuscripts. Hmmm, a plan forms.

But the day wasn’t all cheery ideas and funny frolicks. I received a text message from an old friend whose Uncle died last night. Andy Meikle, a man I spent many hours with over a bottle of whisky talking, collapsed in the pub and was rushed to hospital. His family arrived ten minutes late. It's a bit of a shock and though I hadn't seen him for a few years, he was never far from my thoughts. I was thinking about him on Saturday in Lauders Pub in Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow, where on the odd occasion I would see him and we would listen to Lauders Big Band over a few whiskies.

Rest in peace old pal. You'll be sadly missed.

Rugby Union Preview
England v Scotland
Sat 3rd Feb, 2007

Underdogs. As we always are when we play the English, whether at home or away, Scotland are the smaller of the two nations, and therefore, the underdogs.

It’s the way we like it though. It suits our mentality and fuels our passion. Throughout history whenever Scotland has come up against any small or ‘lesser-talented’ nation at any sport (I’m thinking football; Iran and Costa Rica), we fail dismally. Put us up against the mighty nations, and often we rise to the occasion, usually to be remembered as glorious in defeat.

On the odd occasion, we do hump a big team and the nation goes into a frenzy. Suddenly we become world beaters and every nation on the planet is feared of our sporting prowess and lion-heart courage.

Tomorrow we play England, Rugby World Cup Champions and Six Nations Champions in 2003 – the last time they won anything. That doesn’t make them any less formidable - they are a good side – but after coming up to Edinburgh and being mauled by a rejuvenated Scottish team, there must be a small ounce or two of doubt in the back of their minds that while the Scots are on the ascendancy, they are on the descent.

The winners will receive the Calcutta Cup, a trophy Scotland and England have been playing for as part of the Six Nations, since 1872. It’s always tense, it’s always overflowing with passion, pride, and power, and it’s always compulsive viewing.

Whether you are a Rugby fan or not, get behind Scotland this weekend and stay there for the rest of the championship. We took some big scalps last year, and made huge progress doing so. So when the boys line up to sing the National Anthem tomorrow at Twickenham, sing it loud and sing it proud!

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Colin 10:09 am


My condolences for the loss of your friend.

May I suggest checking out Word Press for your blog?

You could probably have it as a page on your regular blog or as a stand-alone -- you've got the tech savvy to do ever so much more than one can do with Blogger.

AND, it doesn't take six screens for people to leave comments.

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