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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Clearing the Decks

I had to force myself out of bed. The alarm went off and I contemplated lying till 8am and taking it easy. But I knew the guilt would anger me so I prised myself out at 6:20am and was ready to rock by 6:50am. As soon as I was out the shower I was feeling better, over the worst at least, and as soon as that first taste of piping hot coffee hit the back of my throat, all was well in the universe once more.

The weather seems to be turning for the better. The constant wind and rain is slowly being replaced by calm clear skies and a chill. It's much nicer and preferable to what we have been getting - though I'm not one to complain about the weather, as you know.

Managed to get through a load of work again. Most of it is the remaining fiddly stuff so I can clear the decks for more juicy work, such as actual fiction and poetry writing!

* Reviewed the Press Kit documentation.
* Put out a call for quotes on an online forum for the Quotes document in the Press Kit.
* Reviewed the A Pocketful of Fun press release
* Listed all the targets for the A Pocketful of Fun press release to go out to.
* Reviewed the Poolside Poetry press release
* Published my weekly Scruffy Dog Review Blog column. This week a tribute to the artist/writer, Harry Horse.
* Ran through my submissions list, marking some stories for redraft, some for ditching and others which are still waiting and may need chased up.
* Redrafted the query letter for Stella.
* Redrafted the 5-page synopsis for Stella.

I went to bed early with a book, being totally and utterly shattered. Put the lights out about 11pm but could I get to sleep?

Colin 8:21 pm


Whew - I get tired just looking at your list! You are on a roll this year already!

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