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Friday, January 12, 2007


I've signed up for this: Inkthinker Query Challenge, run by author, Kristen King. Here's the blurb (taken from Kristen's site):

12 months + 120 queries = Imminent publishing success.

The plan is for all of us to get out a minimum of 120 queries by the end of 2007. This breaks down to 2-3 queries a week, so don't panic. For the purposes of the challenge, a query is any written document, electronic or hard copy, that you submit to a publisher, editor, or agent to pitch an idea for a writing assignment. Fiction or non-fiction, book or article, it doesn't matter. If you want to query for unpaid assignments, that's fine -- it's up to you. As long as you're querying, I don't care.

I'm going to use this as a driver for my freelance business.

I spent most of my writing day putting together the website for my Freelance business. I used a template but as ever, my own ideas fell into it and it involved a bit of HTML jiggery-pokery. I want to get a new author picture for it and I need to get some other stuff organised to support the business, but as far as the site goes, it's 90% done. One more tick and one step closer to being prepared and organised to give this my best shot.

I'm going to change my author site. I have really fallen out with the white on black and I have some striong ideas for the new look. It will need some careful photography and some new HTML/CSS ideas so may take a little longer to put together.

Before I go, and still on the theme of entrepreneurialism, a pal of mine has been setting up his own wine merchant's business over the past wee while. The next stage of his growing business (aside the day job), sees the launch of the online leg of the company in the form of a spanking new website. I love the design and the colours. Check out Appellation Wines for some good deals from someone who is passionate about their wine. Not that he's a wino or anything - he just likes wine. Congratulations Ash - wish you all the best with it!
Colin 4:26 pm


The Wine site is really nice.

Good luck on your own sites.

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