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Monday, January 15, 2007

Working Down The List

Yay! I managed an early start, albeit not quite managing to bounce out of bed like I was doing in November. I got up at 05:45 and was ready to write for 06:30. Nice.

On the way to the bus stop I noticed that all traces of the rain that has been flooding that country of late had been blown dry by the fierce wind. I much prefer rain to wind, it's more soothing. Rain is soft and calming, it sounds nice and provokes a calm feeling in me. Wind is violent, a bully that never gives up and it gets me angry when I can't walk straight for it battering into me.

The first thing I did was make a list of thing that I will do TODAY. I'm finding that more and more, working from my monthly GDR allows me to put things off, and so this way, I know what has to be done before nightfall. Well, since that is at about 4pm at the moment, let's change that till late evening.

And it worked too as I got through a shit load of work:

* I worked through all my outstanding email - been meaning to do this for a wee while.
* I wrote tomorrow's SDR blog article - It will need redrafting tomorrow before posting, but it's been constructed.
* I wrote the press release for A Pocketful of Fun - I'll give it a final draft tomorrow then list targets where it is to go out to.
* I wrote the press release for Poolside Poetry (for when it goes live). I'll give it a redraft tomorrow also, but it may need altered depending when I can get the book finally published.
* Put together a Press Kit for my Fiction site (author images, interview, FAQ's, quotes etc.) all in PDF. I figured this would be a nice neat way of improving my PR. I got the idea from Martha O'Connor, so thanks to her for that.
* I sent off a copy of Fringe Fantastic and a letter to Jonathan Ross. He wants to read more books? He could do worse!

I also happened upon some good news: A Pocketful of Fun is available in Waterstones! I never thought it would be retailing in such a large chain. You can see it at Waterstones Online.

One of my Financial GDR's is to reorganise the finances. This process is now underway and took a good hour or so to manage what I wanted this evening. Of all my GDR's this is probably the most immediately important. I must cut down on unnecessary outputs, and increase inputs - this is the first step to achieving this.

I was so tired by night time I could hardly keep my eyes open. I know it's just my body adjusting its schedule; it needs to get used to earlier starts and earlier to bed. I never managed it though. After doing my nightly practice on the guitar, I watched a bit of television - the second part of Waking the Dead. It got quite weird in places but I like Trevor Eve. The parallels with Spooks as a BBC drama are quite close though, and I wonder if that's wise of them to do that. Even the theme music is similar.

It was just good to get my head away from a PC screen and get a damn good cup of tea - with milk, for all my ARS pallies ;-)
Colin 8:27 am


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