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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Rock 'n' Roll

For the first time in almost a week, the torrential rain ceased and the gale force winds died down. The sky was clear and things seemed to be returning to normal weather-wise. This made the dropping of the wean at her dance school all the more easier, in fact we walked all the way there for a change instead of getting the bus.

I popped into WH Smith in Waverly Station to see if there had any copies of A Pocketful of Fun, but I couldn't see any. It was mostly novels, crossword and sudoko puzzle books they had stocked for all the commuters. Damn. I'm still waiting for my copy. I checked the contract and it could be another couple of weeks until it arrives on my doorstep. I'm dying to see what the cover is like!

Waterstones next where I cheekily looked into the kids section - just in case - but no. I did though, spend a voucher I had been given a few months ago on something directly related to my GDR's for this year. I bought two books on learning to play the guitar. I can't afford lessons so these books, coupled with the accompanying CD's and all the stuff I already have in my guitar case, should give me the grounding I need to get started.

With my new books in hand I went for my usual coffee and flicked through the pages. I also scribbled down some inspirational notes about promotion and articles I want to write. While doing so, I had my headphones on listening to the Jonathon Ross Saturday Show on BBC Radio 2. He was saying how he was fed up watching television all the time and wanted to start reading more books.

Well Johnny, expect a copy of Fringe Fantastic - because I'm sending you one first thing on Monday along with a letter begging for a mention on next week's show. You never know - funnier things have happened.

Back home I had lunch, tidied up, played a few elementary notes on the guitar, then cleaned the Guinea Pig hutch and gave her a bath. Then the weather turned, and within minutes it had gone from calm blue skies, to torrential rain and howling strong winds. Typical Scotland. The rabbits can wait till tomorrow.

I did some more work on my freelance website and it's looking good. I am going to begin by concentrating on two or three specific topics with which to focus my articles on. I will pitch these and then gradually move wider.

I did some work on Stella before getting the guitar out for the evening and started to work my way through the elementary book. It's quite good. Remembering the chords isn't that bad, it's getting to each one quick enough that is the tough bit, I'm taking it a stage at a time, so I'm working on chords A, D and E (major) at the moment. Then once I've got them instilled, I'll move onto the next chapter.

Finally, happy birthday Suggs!! Young at heart - the only way.
Colin 5:48 pm


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