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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I published the first of this year's columns in The Scruffy Dog Review Blog today. Pop over and have a read. I'm going to use this resurrected column for Scottish Literary news and comment.

I did the school run this morning so I was on time for once. I've been struggling to get up early, mainly I think because I've been working on my GDR's and not had enough on my mind fictionally. I need a novel to work on, which is handy, because an idea has been brewing these past few days in my mind.

It's funny how this one has formed. It started with the location, then a plot idea formed, and then a character. It needs to be plotted more seriously, but I'm not ready for that yet. The idea has still to take full hold in my head first so it can mature and drum up passion in my heart. It's not ready to be outed.

I worked on the synopsis and wrote down more serious ideas for my kids book. I'm going to take this idea much further than the e-book of last year. Which reminds me, in the spring I am expecting Rick Lupert of the Poetry Super Highway to run another great poetry free-for-all - so I'm beginning to pen ideas for this already. I think I might go back to the same format of the first e-book, Brick by Brick, so I can include photography as well.

I also began work on a new round of submissions for Stella. I needed to prepare more query letters, a larger synopsis copy and I also began giving the manuscript a redraft. It's been over six months now since it was last looked at, so the fresh eyes and with the experience of Slick behind me, I'm bound to improve on it.

I've found an excellent album to listen to while I'm working. It's an album I got for Christmas (from Laura), which I've wanted for years but never got round to buying. I only wanted it for the one song, but the entire album (I already knew) is just fantastic. It is of course, White Ladder by David Gray, and the song which I never tire of listening to is, Sail Away.

Before I go, my good friend Brooks Carver has a new book published. Entitled, Give My Love To Ivey Rose, it is available now from Prairie Sky Press. Brooks is a fantastic writer, so please check out his other work available from the website.

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Ooh, I can't wait to hear more about the new novel!

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