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Monday, December 11, 2006

A Tremble

First day in our new office situated in the West End of Edinburgh. I was first to arrive. I flicked on the lights to an open plan chicken pen. With the lights on it makes it very bright and noisy - not how I like it at all - and it is impossible to concentrate.

The coffee machine is 10 years old and churns out tar, plus I now have to sit opposite the boss and one old guy who does nothing but moan about the work he has to do all day.

By 9.30am the men's loos smelt like a cow shed and sheets of sleet had begun to fall outside. In other words it was a thoroughly miserable start to the week.

Sheets of sleet and snow fell in between strong gusts of Arctic winds today, making it altogether very cold and unpleasant. My feet are suffering most, what with the shitty state my shoes are in.

Not to worry, for tomorrow the Nutty Boys return north to Glasgow. The excitment grows like a far off earthquake, and Scotland awaits!

I can't write any more. I'm too excited.

Colin 10:23 pm


I'm excited too cols!!! Cannae wait for some Nutty dancing :-)
Binny xx

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