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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Nutty UK - Glasgow

The day arrived. And the day was over before we knew it.

I picked Laura up from school and got the bus into town, met Gail and we all jumped onto the Glasgow bus. We arrived in plenty of time with my sister and her pal, with still enough time for a sneaky beer or two before taking our seats - front row centre behind 6,000 dancing nutters and the sound and light technicians. Madness gigs are just too rough for 9 year-olds so that was the reason I was sitting for the first time at a Madness gig.

The boys were in great form and I was delighted with the stage setup and backdrop video. We had a near capacity crowd of over 9,000 in all, with only the far flung seated areas at the sides were empty.

Most memorable moments:

- The intro music, a combination of Star trek and Space Odyssey
- One Step Beyond. Until you have been in a packed room and the lights go down, and you hear those immortal words, "Hey You! Don't watch that, what this..." you really will never know what it feels like to be at the centre of the Nutty Universe
- Thommo dancing in a pink tutu on the video backdrop for Swan Lake
- the kilted piper who led the band on for the encore playing Flower of Scotland
- the new songs. NW5 is class and should be released IMHO. Sorry is "different". I liked it, but as has been said before, I think it's a grower.
- the Bed and Breakfast Man (aka John Hasler) was in attendance having made the trip from Edinburgh where he now lives - this will mean nothing to non-Madness fans
- On The Beat Pete - a song from the early days that was a treat to hear live
- Meeting a bunch of mates I've not seen in a while before the gig - Rob W from Fife, Armani Mason, Wee Stoo and Fiona, Paul and Yvonne Stewart, Bob Mackie and Susan, and I think I may have missed people but I can't think - sorry.

Least memorable moments:

- Being relatively sober for this gig, I noticed every mistake. i.e. Lovestruck's missing words, Woody's timing during On The Beat Pete, and some weird vibrating sounds near the start. Since we were right at the sound deck I wasn't sure if the noise was coming from that or the main speakers.
- Sitting at a Madness gig is not to be recommended. It was my first time and I was glad I booked front row seats - it meant I could use the aisle to dance while the twats behind me sat cramped into their wee seats. Some if them never moved the entire gig - what was the point???
- My pockets bursting and my money going everywhere during House of Fun
- Gail turning to me half way through the gig to say all the photos we had taken up to then went nowhere because she had forgotten to put film in. Needless to say that was fixed and over 30 pics were taken in the last 10 minutes.

It was a great night. Laura loved her fist Madness gig and everyone enjoyed it beyond belief. The smiles on the fans faces afterwards said it all. Live, Madness are as good, if not better, than any band in the country at any given time. Age may have matured them, but like a good whisky, they only seem to get better every time.

Roll on Thursday and the boys arriving in Newcastle. I'll be drinking at that one, you can bet on it!

Pictures will follow in good time.

Next gig: Tonight (13th), Manchester, MEN Arena
Colin 8:36 pm


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