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Thursday, November 02, 2006


First NaNoWriMo cock up of the month. I forgot to get more coffee on the way home last night and thus, found myself coffeeless this morning. I was writing by 6am, but with no coffee. It felt weird. My world didn't feel right, off centre, built on sand instead of rock.

I had tea instead, with my usual two slices of wholemeal toast then started reading through yesterday's output. Some of it isn't bad. In fact it improves as the prose progresses during the day. There'll be a lot of editing to be done when all this is done and dusted, a lot of padding and cutting, but what I have so far I'm pleased with. I don't want to rattle words out for the sake of it. I want to produce the story through decent prose, in line with the plan, thinking what I'm doing and hopefully that way I can achieve a half-decent first draft as well as completing the NaNo challenge.

The novel is budgeted for circa 100,000 words. NaNo is (only?) for 50,000 so by the end of November, if I've completed NaNo, I will have half a manuscript. I'm wondering if I can get the full manuscript completed by the end of December? Hmmm, doubtful with it being the season to be jolly etc. but hopefully by the end of the year I'll have an almost completed manuscript.

Day 2 total = 2138 words. Over my budget, so well on target. In fact, I'm twice as far ahead as where I expected to be.

Devon Ellington tagged me for five interesting things you never knew about me. I've done this one before so I had to dig deep into my memory and decide what to reveal and what not to. So here they are. Whether you find them interesting is another matter -

1- When I had hair, it was ginger.

2- I once tried to sneeze while under the water in the bath, and nearly drowned myself.

3- A police horse once attacked me at Hampden Park before a Scotland football international match. It ruined my suede jacket that at the time, I thought was very cool.

4- I once fell out of a first floor window while attending a student party in a flat just off Charing Cross in Glasgow. I landed on two passing policeman who were attending a complaint about the noise at the same party.

5- I once caught a friend of mine urinating in my kitchen sink while it was full of dishes. In revenge, I stole his spare house key, took the day off work, entered his house, ate all his cheese, bread and crisps, watched a few DVD's, sliced his tub of Flora margarine in half horizontally, scooped out an oval hole, defecated in said hole, replaced the top, sellotaped it together and put it back in his fridge. He phone me to "complain" two days later.

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