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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Another First Draft

Why do I do it? I was about to go to bed last night when I sat down with a glass of milk and switched on the TV. I ended up watching Throw Momma From The Train, which took me until quarter past one in the morning. Shattered I was. Shattered.

Busy at work again. Much busier than I really ought to be or can really be bothered with. I'm just not getting enough quiet time during lunch or else where to think/note/write. I hope it dies down before November, what with NaNoWriMo only 7 weeks away.

Managed to complete the first draft of the next DE exercise from The Scruffy Dog Review Blog. This is the one about the school kid with the home-made bomb. It's called The English Teacher and came in at 1365 words. Made a start on the next one, too, about the waitress who picks up the 10k tip.

Heard back from a poet I made a request to interview for The Scruffy Dog Review. She accepted and I'll interview her sometime before the end of the month. I started trawling the net for previous articles and information about her so I can piece together the format and type of questions I want to ask. She's an interesting woman, and I'm looking forward to meeting with her again.

Read more of Mark Billingham's Lifeless novel. It's superb stuff. I like his style; very easy going and very easy to imagine, though I keep clashing with Rebus and his detective, Tom Thorne. I'll get over it no doubt, the further I get with it.
Colin 10:47 pm


Hi Colin - thought I'd return the compliment. I love you're blog radio.

Is Mark Billingham like Ian Rankin? I might try him out as I love Rebus. I've always thought of Ken Stott in the role of Rebus, even before John Hannah had a go at it. Isn't that strange?
I'd say Billingham was the English equivalent - only he used to be a stand-up comic and write comedy for the Beeb, whereas Ian is from Fife. ;-)

Other than that, they both write great crime novels, yes!


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