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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bomb Bag (Bum Bag - geddit?)

Hell of a busy day at work. Had to get my arse in early because, yes you guessed it, we still have the same problems running that we have had for the past two weeks. I was at my desk from 8am until 4.45pm constantly. Apart from a few visits to the coffee machine and the loo, that is.

I brought my lunch with me, and worked through the lot trying to sort this crap out. I was pulling my hair out by the end of it (pun intended) and was about 3 seconds away from ramming my PC out the window and letting it fall onto the street below, when I realised it wasn't worth getting as wound up as I was.

I arrived home tense and with a pounding headache. There was only one thing for it - chilli con carne. I made a large pot of it with basmati rice on the side and although it was from a sauce packet, it really hit the spot. Not too hot, but just enough to make me happy, enliven me, and relax me for the evening.

Which turned out to be a flop. Well, a flop in the sense that I never worked on what I originally intended, but I still got through some work. I prepared and submitted a few poems, some of which I still have to send out this week, and a piece of flash fiction has also gone out into the big bad world to try and find a home.

I also began writing the next exercise from Devon's column from The Scruffy Dog Review Blog. This is a piece of fiction (circa 1200 words) on the second newspaper cut-out. In my case, the story of the 15-year old boy found with a bomb in his school bag!

Oh, the possibilities!
Colin 3:56 pm


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