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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Coats of Paint

I think I forgot to mention that the new issue of The Scruffy Dog Review is up. The September issue has lots of goodies in it including my usual column, Scotland's Treasure, about this years Fringe festival. It also has one of my short stories, Heart of a Child.

I think I must have got a better sleep last night than I thought I might. I woke refreshed (after coffee) and in a great mood. I remember waking up in a daze at about half past three in the morning, wandering through the house to the toilet and wondering why - I didn't need. So I wandered back again, stopping to wrap up the chord of the phone in the hall. Erm - why? Get a grip, Chas!

Dropped Laura off at school and made my way to work to find meetings arranged for first thing that weren't in existence when I left last night. All of them are to do with the recent problems, of course. I wish this particular implementation would end, but the way it's looking this will be a thorn in my side until October 7th.

I bought some lettuce and carrots on the way home for the animals and gave them a wee feed when I got in. I collected Laura and started work on the downstairs shower-room pretty much straight away. The roof took a second coat, as did the walls and all the woodwork, but because of all the fiddly bits it took an age. I finally finished it all at about 10.30pm.

I don't think the walls and roof will need a third coat, but the wood around the doors will probably need another to finish it off. And that'll be it! Hopefully Gail will like it.

I received some crits back from my pal, about the stories I wrote recently based on the TSDR exercises. They came in really handy, pointing out details I never noticed. I worked on those and began reading the one's I've been sent in return.

And that's about it for today. Work has been so busy and then coming home to work straight from the word go has left little time these past couple of evenings to get really stuck in properly. It was worth it though to see the end result, but now it's all but complete, I aim to pack in as much writing and reading as I can before Gail gets back on Sunday morning.
Colin 12:59 pm


Sorry I've taken so long Colin, to tell you how much I enjoyed your story in Sept's Scruffy Dog Review.
It brought a lump to my throat and you know, if you can do that with a poem, script or story ~ it's a winner! Congratulations.

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