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Monday, September 04, 2006

Corporate Bollox

The fallout from Saturday night's failed implementation is in full swing, with full attempts being made to back-stab, buck-pass and ignore the real issues. Typical stuff for in here, actually. I justified myself solidly, stood back from it, then watched as the shit floated its way up the chain. It would be almost entertaining if it wasn't so serious.

The whole thing was a nightmare and I was delighted to finally leave. That's the good thing about having to collect your kid after school; nobody can argue with you.

I was knackered and pissed off by the end of the working day. To make matters worse Laura has developed a bad cough and she eventually had to be put to bed early with some medicine and warm covers. I'd been so looking forward to seeing her as well, but I found myself on my own again for the evening.

I ate my pasta bake-for-one with some bread and milk, thought about what Gail might be up to at that moment, then opened up the laptop. I've moved all my vital writing equipment into the lounge for the week (dictionaries, laptop, pens, pads etc.) while Gail is away. It makes me feel closer to civilisation and it means I can have the TV on for some company. I even brought the rabbits in so I could talk to someone. Better than talking to yourself - right?

I completed Amanda and Joe, but I really don't like it that much. The idea is good, I just seem to be unable to click with it in any real way; unlike when writing Regrets, now that was a hell of a feeling. The characters are poor and the connection just not believeable. Maybe I'm just not in the right frame of mind for it, but I'll keep at it. There's still other exercises to work on anyway.

I worked on the poems for Poolside Poetry. I found some exciting ways to approach the re-writes of the more problematic ones, but a few are still struggling. I don't think they will make it into the book to be honest, they are just too poor and unsalvageable.
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