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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Something In The Air

Never got up in enough time to be able to have a cup of coffee before I left work, which was quite annoying, despite having enough milk in the fridge. Plus I actually had some work to do today, though not much, it did push my afternoon into the obscure by having to think about I.T. for a while.

Received a load of critiques back from some friends about my Whisky Snatching piece. Some valuable, some not so, but there are one or two common threads throughout it all that will enable me to polish this to a much better standard.

A friend posted me a book today - but I don't know what it is, so it's very exciting. It's coming all the way from Texas and should be here within a week.

I feel quite restless. Like I need to be somewhere but don't know where. Maybe it's just being in the office as I write this portion of this entry, or maybe it's because there are other things happening in my life that have upstaged everything else. There are some things that are not for this forum or indeed most people ears, you know - personal things - things that come in cycles that unsettle me.

There is something else that I cannot mention - just yet - out of respect and fear that by talking too early it may not come to fruition. When it does, I shall speak and ye shall be enthralled. It has put the fear of God into me, because I feel way out my depth. But it is a great and wonderful opportunity and I'm not one to pass those kinds of things up easily. More later.

Or maybe this feeling is brought on by my impending trip away with the lads. A stag weekend to Majorca, of all places. Don't expect there to be much writing done - it's not that kind of trip. It will be about laughing and drinking in the sun and the kilt.

Snooker was a scream tonight. I got beat 6-2 by old Ian (I tell him I let him win as part of my Help the Aged in the Community Scheme), but most of the night was spent recalling both our younger years, drinking and being out on the pull. Swapping stories such as these are a sure sign that I am considered a pal as well as a son-in-law.
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