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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Things I Hate


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It's raining again. I'm hearing it's pitter-patter down and it's wet in the street, reflecting the lights and splashing feet. I've nowhere to go, and there's nothing I have to do. I hear the sound of rain falling in my ears, washing away the weariness like tears. I can feel my troubles running down, disappear into the silent sound. I feel the rain falling on my face, I can say there is no better place than standing up in the falling down, in so much rain I could almost drown.

Last paragraph copyright © Madness 1986.

In line with the recent Top Ten Things I Love post, here is the opposite. 'Hate' is a strong word and so I kept that strong in mind while putting this list together. In no particular order:

1 - Adverts. Especially smarmy or patronising ones, or where they feel that whispering you the info is more likely to make you buy their crappy products. Those ones make me want to vandalise my own TV set.
2 - Ignorance. People who think they know everything about everything and refuse to accept any other point of view or fact as being valid. There is no such thing as a living encyclopedia, particularly when the population lives on one side, and the truth on another.
3 - Interruptions. Finding harmony with my Muse and then being whipped out of it, for something that is if no importance, other than to the person who caused the interruption.
4 - Money. I'd rather live without it. It makes my life a pain and a constant worry. I have to work in a shit hole to get it, and it disappears before I can blink. Maybe I just wish I had more of it. But that would make it worse. See, here we go - it's causing an argument with myself!
5 - Manky Toilets. People who splash pish all over the seat, then leave it. People who leave jobbies floating in the bowl and leave it bobbing for the next person to come it. Crimes, mostly found at my place of work.
6 - Reality TV. Is this the best that British Producers can come up with? What about something decent that doesn't involve encouraging brain dead twats to think that being a brain dead twat is something to be proud of. These people aren't celebrities - they are washouts. What about more programmes with monkeys in?
7 - Cold Callers. I have a list of them. First offenders are dealt with politely and asked not to do it again. Repeat offenders told in no uncertain terms to "fuck off." Hardcases are reported to the relevant complaints commission in 7-page letters sent my special delivery, demanding action be taken.
8 - Liars. People who lie to me or attempt a deception are not exempt from revenge. I will go years before exacting revenge for something worthy enough.
9 - Bigots. I've lived in Scotland too long not to be angry about the effect that the war between Protestant and Catholics has had on this country. If we could round them all up and ship them off to some tiny wee island in the North Atlantic we should. Scotland needs its own Alcatraz for the scum on both sides that give us all bad name.
10 - Running Out of Dairy. There's nothing worse when you realise there is no milk left for your coffee of margarine for your toast in the morning. It can ruin an entire day.

I spent the evening reading. I have several books on the go at the moment in an attempt to feed my imagination, continue research into a new project idea and of course, for entertainment. I'm not revealing the research book name or topic just yet, in fact I may never. I've even got a book in my desk at work for lunchtimes.

Last year I mentioned I wanted to write a story in line with the songs from the album Stella by Yello. I've started to think about this in advance instead of waiting for late autumn to hit.

My GDR seems to have grown itself this month. While I gave myself on specific things to work on, I seem to have been so involved in them that I have taken on more things without thinking bout it. Not sure the effect it will have overall, but I'm going with the flow anyway.

There are a few more poems I have pushing through my skin for the Festival book. I have provisional title for the book; Fringe Fantastic. We'll see - it may all come down to which poems get the go ahead before I finally decide.

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:( I can't get into the chatroom from the office - it's that firewall thing. GOOD LUCK! I hope it goes swimmingly.

RE: Your 10 things - I'm sick of reality TV too.

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