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Monday, August 22, 2005

An Apology And A Rant

First an apology.

No sooner than I posted my blog entries for the weekend this morning, an email arrived into my overflowing inbox. It was from my youngest sister, Lindsay, who I shared drinks and dinner with only three nights ago.

"It was the Agua Restaurant we went to on Friday NOT the Metro..... your blog entry is wrong."

My sister is rarely wrong but as is the way with little sisters, they always strive to be like their big brothers on a subconcious level. I remember one incident many years ago when she was getting into trouble from our mother for behaving like an arse. My mother yelled at her, "who do you want to be like when you grow up? Your big brother!"

Lindsay took it as an insult, I took it as a moment of great pride.

No doubt I got this quote slightly wrong, but then it has been eons of time since the immortal sentence was uttered. I have never forgotten the moment, because it was all too true and I nearly pished myself with laughter. So, I apologise for the error - it was the Agua restaurant we dined in Friday last.

On with the day's writing.

I did a lot of research on some of the authors I want to write about in the KIC Great Authors series. Many of what is thrown up is useless and boring, but a lot of the time, what is written differs slightly in interpretation depending where you found it. It's a bit of a challenge to sort it all out.

Mince 'n' tatties for dinner again; simply unbeatable!

I worked on the Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott articles tonight. Robert Burns was fun because he hails from the very same part of the world my father's family originate, between Ayr, Cumnock and Mauchline. Sir Walter Scott proved to be most surprising in that I learned a lot of things I never knew about him; local things that I walk past every day and never realised them to be associated with him.

The Ian Rankin article needs to be fully reworked. Something came up late in the evening and after, when I looked at the article again, I saw that it needs to be rewritten in its entirety. It will be a better article for it, but in a most surprising way. More on this later.

This Thursday, I'll be the featured author on the KIC Live Chat. All you need is a PC and an hour of your time between the hours of 8pm and 9pm BST. (12noon to 10pm Pacific / 3pm-4pm East US). Log on and join us for some online discussion about writing. Everyone is welcome.

Before I go, take a look at this:

BBC News Report

It's a story from last Tuesday; a toddler died on the beach at Cornwall after getting trapped in the sand. It was a tragic story and is something you would not wish to happen to anyone. It was reported with dignity and the family's wishes were respected the whole time.

Until tonight.

The people behind this magazine - Closer Magazine - are running a national television advertising campaign for the latest issue. All the usual typical female target stuff is on offer, as highlighted by the sexy voiceover lady in a high-pitched and excited tone; "Find out how you can lose a stone in a week! Learn to dress to bag yourself a bloke! Read all about the Beckhams latest antics and read all about baby Abbie who died on the beach last week. All this and more, in this weeks Closer!"

I was disgusted. I know the UK glossy magazine market for 18 to 30 year old women is a battle to the death, but this was a step too far in my book. They were actually using this wee girls death to sell a magazine less than a week after it happened! Have they no morals? Have they no respect?

Not having read the article, I am unsure if they had the assistance of the family involved, but this too is a bit unnerving. If the article is being run as a journalistic piece (doubtful given the quality of the publication), then the family should sue. If though, the family are involved, they should be ashamed for cashing on their 3-year olds death in such a way. My stomach turns just thinking about this again.
Colin 10:59 am



Yes i remember that day also... unfortunately mums words seem to have had some foundation and all too often i still hear her mutter "you are so like your brother" failing that its "you are so like your dad".
I just pray that doesn't mean I am gonna go bald also!!!!!
Have you two no mercy on your dear 'old' mother? You, my dear son, led me to distraction many a day - and you know it!!
Ooh, I feel like I'm "busting in" on a family reunion!

I just wanted you to know that I am very excited that I knew what "Tatties" were! ;-)

And yes, I am disgusted about that poor little girl's death getting exploited like that.

Journalism people. :-P
Sounds like your family is wonderful! So sad to hear about the little girl's death and of the insensitivity of the media.
I don't know what "mince and tatties are' :-(

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