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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Two Years Ago Today!


Colin 11:59 am


Happy Anniversary to you both!
Happy Anniversary!
Have a very happy anniversary! :)
Happy anniversary, Colin and Gail. I remembered last week that your anniversary was coming up and then, erm forgot about it again, same as last year. Hence the reason for the lack of a "Happy Anniversary" card arriving on your doorstep this morning. Sorry.

Good to see that you are still trying to stay sexy, big man with these new glasses. Gail's a lucky woman!!!

All the best to you both.
Happy anniversary, Colin and Gail!
Blimey you are soppy!!
If it makes you feel any better about your bus incident (post new glasses collection) I left my 2nd job late the other night and what I now blame on sheer exhuastion (i.e. not paying full attention) I managed to catch the bus step and do a rather superb superman dive on to the bus floor in front of, a not suprising in those circumstances, packed 66 bus!!!

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