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Friday, August 12, 2005

Science Fiction, Man

The Bratz Doll I bought Laura came back to haunt me. Laura just had to get her dolls out the car boot at 9am - just as I was leaving to catch the bus to work for a 9.30 meeting. I moaned - Gail told me to shut up and do it - so I did. Laura was happy and off I went, running to the bus stop with my belly bouncing around inside my shirt. Yes - a diet is impending.

I got to the final turn in the road in time to see the bus pull away from the kerbside and all the passengers on board smirking at my inability to make it on board again.

So I walked into Leith. But with the Lothian Bus overtime ban still in operation, a Saturday Service is all we've had for the last 2 weeks. So after a 20 minute walk and 10 minute wait, the first bus that came along was - yup a number 12. I would have been better off just waiting at the bus stop I had ran for in the first place. Instead I was all sticky and sweaty because the weather wants to start to mellow but the summer is hanging on for dear life.

Naturally, I missed my meeting for I was 30 minutes late. So I got a coffee and made my apologies. All because of those cursed Bratz Dolls; soldiers for Lucifer's Army I'll wager.

I don't know how I forgot to mention this i nyesterday's post, but after choosing my specs last night, Gail took Laura to buy new school shoes out at Fort Kinnaird. This gave me browsing time in Borders next door. I perused various sections of general interest, not looking to buy anything really; RL Stevenson, Shakespeare, Dickens, Me (only kidding). I took a wander over to the photography section and while flicking through a book containing pictures of Ye Olde Edinburgh Town, an interesting conversation struck up behind me, and being the amateur sleuth, I listened in.

A man who was clearly and American author was trying to persuade the manager of Borders to buy certain amounts of his latest novel both in hard and softback. The conversation went into marketing strategies and placement, most of which was handled by who I presumed to be the author's agent - a slightly plump man with a distinctly proper English accent. I looked at the author; a modest looking man dressed in a suit with dark hair and glasses. His moustache looked suspiciously American - I don't know why, but after listening to their voices, his voice seemed to fit the face immediately.

The agent wanted to talk about marketing, and the author about his travels around Scotland doing signings and a convention he just attended in Glasgow. Eventually I got bored listening in and wandered off.

While scanning the Poetry section an announcement came over the shop tanoy. "Attention all Borders customers. We are delighted to announce that Walter Hunt, the acclaimed science fiction author, is now signing copies of his latest book in the Art Book section of the store."

Now I had his name, so I went to the science fiction area of the shop but could find no trace of any of his books. I also found it odd he should be doing a signing in the art book section as this is tucked away in a small niche at the back of the store.

I moved to the 'Auster' section and pondered Paul's latest novel, Oracle Nights. It came out last year and I've still to get it but have no time at present what with a huge backlog of reading to get through.

Another announcement was then made over the tanoy. "Attention all Borders customers. We are delighted to announce that Walter Hunt, the acclaimed science fiction author, is now signing copies of his latest book at the front of the store next to the Latest Releases section."

This made more sense, I thought. If you want to market something, at least be seen! I felt sorry for him, because although it was late opening and the store medium-busy, no-one seemed the slightest bit interested. Had I been more into science fiction I might have bought one of his books.

Just then Laura came up behind me and told me she was finished getting her new shoes. It was time to go so I never got a chance to see how Walter got on. I hope it was worth his while and I nodded a 'hello' to him as I left the store.

It was interesting to watch him go about the signing. I wish him lots of luck with his latest novel. He looks to be a prolific writer as I later saw on his website:

I am extremely excited about my new glasses. Everyone's getting pissed off because I keep asking if they are as excited as me. They aren't, of course, but I like to ask anyway.

11am arrived and into my inbox dropped a familiar e-mail from Dave: "Fancy a pint at lunch? Tom's not made it into work again."

Without even asking I'll bet that Tom's evening went something like this: Clark's for a beer, more beer, another bar for chapmagne, Finger's Piano Bar, Casino till 6am. So I met Dave at 12 in Clark's for our weekly catch-up over a couple of pints.

The afternoon dragged but I got home at a decent time before diving into the Round Table interview - Round 2. I read through everyone else's comments and added in some responses and additions.

That was me though. It took a while to get through it because I was entertaining Laura at the same time, and then Still Game came on - the only TV programme I am prepared to down tools for.
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