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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Making A Spectacle

I never got to bed again until 1am. Then Laura had one of her "I don't know why I'm up at 3am" episodes and after she was put back to bed, could I get back to sleep? Not a chance. I felt bad because I'd got annoyed with her. Really guilty, actually. So I decided I'd pamper her later on in the day.

On the KIC Reader Forum, one of my readers (not family or friend) left a message for me about my serial, Hunting Jack.

"...I am really enjoying the read. I'm looking in my email every other day anticipating on whats next. Will he find his parents, will he call Katie, will his adoptive parent go looking for him. Thanks a bunch I'm enjoying this a lot."

The feeling I have this dull Thursday morning, is one of pride and elation. This is the single most reason why I write. I've managed to give one person an enjoyable read; take them into another world and have them believe it; enjoy it; want more. It's a fantastic feeling. I've never felt better about writing. It makes it all worthwhile.

My pal Devon, left a message on my blog yesterday about a leaflet swap. I'd never heard of it but on my next trip round the Fringe I'm going to cut up the batch of leaflets and swap/hand them out. Thanks, Dev!

I came up with a couple of possible book titles for the Festival project last night during snooker, but I'll wait until I've got all the poems down before making a final decision.

I caught up with a lot of emails hanging around in my inbox, cluttering everything up. It's the thought of missing out on something that drives me on.

The second round of the Round Table interview is in. I will work on that over the next couple of days then send it on to Michelle.

Discovered a gem of a design site, which handles business card and leaflet design printing - for cheap. So I finally got round to ordering those business cards. They are similar to my own web design; dark with bright lettering. I figured with the Festival in town I should just order them now so I can promote, promote, promote! Under 20 pounds for 200 cards - can't be bad. I should get them in about 7-10 days.

Next thing is to design more leaflets for Hunting Jack. The ones I have are good - but could be better. I need more variety.

Gail picked me up from work and off we headed to the Specsavers. I had an eye test booked because I am getting heartily sick of wearing contact lenses all the time and my glasses are duff. So I wanted a good pair that I could wear most of the time.

The test was fine - no change in my eyes. Choosing the frames proved a much different experience. Everything I selected had first to pass the 'Gail Test'. Once I got past this hurdle I then had to pass the 'Laura Test'. Once complete, I had to have it verified by the 'Gail Verification Process', which also included the opinion of the girl serving me - who was a friend of Gail's.

The frames I had my heart set before I went, didn't suit me at all. I tried various similar ones but when the assistant burst out laughing I knew they probably weren't the ones. Apparently they made me look like Benny Hill with my "large heid".

With a crowd of onlookers slowly gathering I started to try on more and varied frames at a faster rate, but nothing suited my rapidly redenning face. Thick frames, coloured frames, round frames, square frames, hexagonal frames - nothing. Laura thought it all hilarious to the point she started trying them all on as well. Only she went and put her own glasses back on the rack so we had to hunt among them all to find her real ones.

Then we went back to the ones Gail had picked out while had been waiting for me in the eye test. A sleek pair of designer frames - Quicksilver - in two colours. They fitted well and look great, so I took them - after much deliberation. I say "them" because there was a 2-for-1 offer on, so I ordered the brown-framed ones for normal daily use and the black-frame ones for the prescription sunglasses.

But the fun wasn't over there.

With a -5.00 prescription on both eyes, the lenses of my glasses would resemble the bottom of a beer bottle, so an amount of lens thinning was required. The assistant had me trying on various kinds of fake glasses to judge the thickness I should go for - I looked like a cross between Harry Potter and Tommy Burns.

Finally we were finished and these are my new glasses:

I should hopefully get them over the weekend.

On the way out I bought Laura a Bratz Doll - can't remember which one, but it was in reparation of my annoyance at her last night. She seemed very happy with it.

I worked through all the poems I've written so far for the book, editing and cuttingg into tighter stanzas. I'm really looking forward to seeing the book complete but there is still a lot of work to do.

Colin 10:43 am


I like the business card. It is very sleek and compliments your website design. VERY SASSY!

The monkey was hilarious!

I hate Bratz dolls BTW. They dress like skanks!
The card looks nice.

It's so hard to pick frames, isn't it? Because I can't see at all without my glasses, I have to have someone with me I truly trust.

The leaflet swap is great -- we always did it at Fringe time -- and often ended up in the nearest local pub, chatting with people with whom we'd swapped leaflets, and going to each other's shows.

Jolly Judge was good for that, and, of course, The Last Drop.
I really like your business card, Colin. Very professional!

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