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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Levi Makes His Acquaintance

I spent most of the afternoon sanding down the rest of the pink bookshelf and the radiator for my office. It was a nightmare of a job, getting in all the grooves and trying to remove the 20-year old paint that was embedded. I sat on a stool in the door of the garage as I sanded and watched the street go about its Sunday afternoon. At one point, after concentrating on the task at hand I felt a nudge in my left shoulder. I turned to see a big boxer dog sniffing around me, wondering what I was up to.

He lives two doors down and this was the first time I had seen him out in the open. I've not seen him out on walkies. He looks quite old and I always see him perched on the window ledge of his owners house, peering out at the kids playing and the other dogs and cats. He looks bored but was happy to let me pat his heat and scratch behind his ear for a couple of minutes.

His owner called him and it was as if he looked at me as if to say, "give it a break, woman" and off he went, head bowed and tail dragging. I think he is fed up with her. She called him by the name Levi, and I look forward to meeting up with him again soon.

By the end of sanding, my fingers were worn bare and I was starving. Only one thing to solve that little problem - a delivery of Indian food straight to the door. Chicken Pakora for starter followed by a mega-hot main course of Chicken Dhansak with pilau rice. Simply the best, and my tummy thanked me all through the night for my choice of cuisine.

I read a few more chapters of Treasure Island as well as an essay at the back of the book called My First Book by Robert Louis Stevenson. I hadn't realised it was there until started flicking ahead. In it, he talks about how he was inspired to write the novel, his use of almanacs and maps, his interaction with others to gauge how they felt about the story and above all, the struggle to complete a piece of work so large. Here is a writer who talks so much that makes sense to me, I wish he were still alive!

I worked on my Festival e-book and wrote out some words for Fronds of Thought. Funny how that because I know I have only a week left with the journal, I am suddenly getting more and more ideas for things I must include in it before passing it on. I'm going to miss having it around.
Colin 11:34 am


AWW..that puppy wanted to come over and see what you were up to. :) How cute.

Your dinner sounds delicious!
I feel the same way about Jane Austen--I wish she was still alive too!

That poor dog. Sounds like he could use a friend.

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