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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Recovery Day

When I woke there were cyclists meandering past and horses clipping along the tracks. The sun had broken enough to warm up the clearer parts of the forest and when I went down to the loo the stage was almost dismantled by the stage crew.

We left for our 5-hour drive home, happy but sore. Macdonald's, I have discovered, making a surprisingly good cup of coffee.

I got home to a house full of people, which did nothing for my pounding headache. Eventually I fell asleep and it stayed that way pretty much until Monday.

I think I'm maybe getting too old for this kind of thing. Ask me was it worth it?

TOO RIGHT!!! :-)
Colin 3:46 pm


I would have loved to have gone to that. Didnt know anything about it! I fancied suggs before I knew what fancy meant. It was the fingerless gloves that did it. Im off to 2 in the park soon. Camping too. Thinking i may be too old for that malarkie myself. Especially if it becomes Glasto II!
Old Schmold. You'll be too old when you're DEAD.
Glad you had a good time!

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