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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Skittering About

Cloudy in the morning again, but my money was on it brightening up again into another beautiful summer day. I started the day off in a good mood. I got up earlier than normal and had a nice cup of coffee and watched some TV while I drank it; Everybody Loves Raymond, King of Queens and The Morning Report from At The Races.

When I got into work my mood was surprisingly chirpy, so I ordered a delivery to Gail's work; a single red rose and box of chocolates. I'm such a romantic.

I actually had a bit of work on today what with me being the only member of my team actually present. Everyone else was on holiday so it was up to me to hold the fort. How exciting. I'm surprised I kept up with all the invigorating action going on around me.

Most of my thoughts were turning to this weekend's annual Blackpool trip. A time for reflection, touching base, laughter and of course, drinking. More on that later.

With snooker in the evening I got little writing done apart from what I achieved over lunch; some more words on Whisky Snatching and a new poem formation. I had to leave early from work and collect my kilt for tomorrow's wedding.

Then it is onto Blackpool, and the annual beano.

PS - It was pouring by lunchtime.
Colin 12:09 pm


Aww.. that is so sweet that you sent your wife that! :)

And your interview questions are up.
Take lots of pictures of Blackpool, please!

I've driven past it a bunch of times, but never actually stopped.

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