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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Love And Marriage In Brig O'Doon

Unpredictable weather accompanied Gail and I on our journey to Ayrshire. When we stopped off at Portobello promenade for lunch it was sunny and warm. By the time we hit the A77 to Ayrshire the rain was so torrential we couldn't see to the end of the car bonnet. When we arrived in Aye itself, the weather had turned pleasant once again.

So we were left hoping that the day of the wedding of Ian and Emma had been a success weather-wise.

We checked into the hotel, kindly booked in advance for us by the Mrs. C (Groom's mother) whom I have known for many years, including her family. Indeed her youngest son was Best Man at my own wedding.

I digress. Our accomodation was the Ellisland Hotel and it was a beauty. Spacious gardens, large rooms, even larger beds, and beautiful facilities; we couldn't have asked for more really. (click on scenic tour)

We went to out room to start to get ready for the reception. I ordered a pint of lager and long vodka for the room to help the journey into being "kilted up" be all the more pleasant. I chose the cooler variety of kilt-wear, opting for the ghille shirt as opposed to fully regimental Bonnie Prince Charlie suit. It proved to be a good choice as it turned out to be a very warm evening.
I enjoy wearing a kilt, though it can be such a pain to get it all sorted and fixed correctly.

Gail on the other hand looked absolutely stunning in an all black, low-cut dress and I still thank my lucky stars that she agreed to marry me. I'm a lucky bloke!

We finished up getting ready and headed down to the bar for another drink before ordering a taxi to the Brig O' Doon Hotel for the wedding reception. One small note is that this hotel is one of the first places my own father brought my mum to on a date many, many....many years ago. (click on scenic tour)

The wedding meal was still in progress so we waited in the bar with some drinks until they were ready. The hotel itself was beautiful. It's small and cottage-like from the front but inside it grows majestically with wooden beams and lush carpets. We could see into the restaurant and the food looked delicious.

When the wedding part were ready we headed into the main hall and met up with some friends, old and new. Some old face from my bachelor days in Glasgow had made the trip, which brought back a whole load of long-forgotten memories. But Mikey P and Paul Stewart were there with their wives and it was good to see them again.

As for the bride and groom; what can you say? Emma looked stunning and Ian looked unflustered. It was a great do and much dancing and drinking took place under a calm summer night's sky. Which is what we had been hoping for all day.

When we retired to our own hotel it was going on 2am but me and Gail sat up for another hour just enjoying being alone for the first time in a while. In fact, this was our first big night out together on our own since our 1st wedding anniversary last August.

It was a great setting and a great night; one I wanted to last forever.
Colin 9:44 pm


Oh, my gosh!

Route 77!

The Ellisland (I know it, although I usually stay in the Brewhouse Flat at Culzean).

Brig O' Doon -- we always stop there for dinner during our stay!

Oh, my, I'm feeling sentimental!
Definitely head over to Ayr Racecourse for the Gold Cup this September. It's tons of fun.

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