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Friday, June 24, 2005

Oh So Quiet

At last we had some drizzle and cloud cover to cool the streets down. It was getting too much and I was practically frying in my leather brogues.

When I woke I thought I was lying next to a large crustacean on my pillow. I leapt up in fright only to realise my scab had fallen off my forehead during the night, and now it lay there like an upturned crab.

I made my way to work feeling loaded with energy, yet apprehensive about something not related to work. Couldn't put my finger on it so decided to log into under "Wait till something crap happens during the day".

But nothing did happen.

I ran through an edit of the KIC Soap story and not much else. It was a quiet day. Work was reasonably busy with me being the only one in my team present and so it went quite smoothly.

I met Dave and Tom in Clark's for a couple of pints after work but it wasn't to be a late one. I got home and checked my email then write out some notes for some short stories that have come to mind.
Colin 11:08 pm


Sounds like a much-needed quiet day.
Sounds like a much-needed quiet day.
Don't quite know why that comment posted twice -- maybe to emphasize it? :)

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