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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


I was absolutely shattered when I got up. Having watched A Clockwork Orange until almost 2am, it is no surprise the first I knew it was even morning was when I heard Gail shouting "don't forget to go to work!" as she left the house.

I struggled to open my eyes and get my legs to function but eventually managed to get myself into a reasonable state to get to work (sic).

They (The Management) are trying to get us to focus on not being a department whose first rule of thumb is apathy. They tell us that the kind of staff they want for the future are motivated people who are forward thinking and not concerned with what just happened in The Company (25% shown the door). They told us (quote), "Over 30% of staff are dis-engaged" and that "the engagement of all staff is essential."

Motivating words indeed. Personally speaking, it makes me just want to drop everything and devote every waken hour I live to making the Company a success. Then I can sit back and watch the fat cats rake it in while I rest content in the knowledge of a job well done.

If they want people to get motivated - then MOTIVATE US!!!!

It's the first rule of almost every book on management there is. But then, we've seen the management skills of this company's elite, highlighted in detail by almost every newspaper in the country and beyond. Yes - hmmm - what pride we feel particularly when after dumping 25% of our work colleagues you tell us there's to be no Christmas Bonus and that we have to start paying extortionate, over-inflated amounts into our pension scheme. Oh - and the food in the canteen is shite these days too by the way.

I digress.

It was back to work in the evening. I am hoping to be working with a customer to design a web site for them and have set aside time in which to get the work done. I contacted a friend about methods of negotiation over costs since this job didn't come through the normal channels. We've narrowed the design down to two, and once we have arranged fees I can get to work.
Colin 4:55 pm


Over 30% dis-engaged? Doesn't sound bad to me - I know places where the percent's over 90!

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