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Thursday, March 31, 2005

GDR for March

End of the month and here's my GDR results.

13 issues of Hunting Jack (upped from 9 last month) - 12 issues completed
1 new short story - not done
1 short story for Writing Magazine - not done
Re-write Bill McCarthy short story and submit (binned after several re-writes)
Complete and submit Loaded for publication - done - subbed to Spoiled Ink
Complete and submit The Oasis for publication - done - subbed to Summerset Review
Follow up A Bond Of Faith submission to Sol Magazine and resubmit - done - subbed to Open Wide Magazine

4 new poems - 2 done (The Lamp/In The New Town Mist)

Complete Issue 2 of KIC website development column - completed then cancelled
Write issue 3 of KIC website development column - cancelled
Write issue 2 of Theatre review column - cancelled
Write issue 1 of Travel column - cancelled
Complete issue 1 of UK music column - completed then cancelled
Write Issue 2 of UK music column - cancelled

Marketing and Promotion
Leaflet re-distribution for Hunting Jack - not done
Print off business cards - not found suitable service
Do more to promote web design services - submitted various small ads, worked on dedicated website for marketing and completed legal contracts and requirements sheets.

Reading and Research
Read A Friend To Die For manuscript. - done
Finish reading The Prison House by John King - done
Read more fiction - several short stories - done
Read notes on Buddhism - not done

Chapter 1 of Web Development manuals - chapters 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 & 19 drafted
Complete design of new site for client - client pulled out

Things that turned up
Recalled Heart of a Child from WCP and resubmitted to Take A Break magazine
The Last Laugh sitcom competition - 8 scripts read and narrowed to 2 for further development
4 poems rejected from This Is It Magazine - resubmitted to various.

Did a lot of work on fiction projects, managing to get all short stories complete and into circulation.
Worked heavily on Hunting Jack to a point where the conclusion is mapped out and contract renewal is now in the back of my mind.
Did a lot of work on the Web Development manual first draft

Folding of KIC Magazine so soon into production
Being dropped for the web design project by NY client

Fiction - 13800
Non-Fiction - 11100
Blog - 22400

My aim was to focus in fiction this month and I achieved this. Hunting Jack is resolving and I got all my WIP short stories out into circulation. I worked a lot on my poetry and have found an interesting style I enjoyed working working with. I will expand and develop further next month.

All in all hard work, but an enjoyable and rewarding month.
Colin 3:08 pm


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