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Monday, March 28, 2005

A Happy Rejection

Disaster struck this morning when I slept in and woke at exactly 10am - the same time I should have been in work at the latest. Gail had the day off for the Easter Bank holiday, but she wasn't in the mood to be hassled for a lift, so I phoned a taxi and got ready in record time.

I found out it was all a waste of effort when I discovered most of my teammates were just in the door before me. It seemed none of them could be bothered today either, what with it being a holiday for the rest of the world - except us - except, The Company.

I neglected to mention that in Saturday's newspaper, there was a report detailing how our Chief Executive was "hurt" by the previous days reports about him receiving several million pounds into his pension fund after dropping customer bonuses, staff levels and his own bonus. The report said he "couldn't understand why someone who gave up his bonus had still managed to become a figure of hate amongst the staff and customers."

I'm sure we are all very sorry for any hurt caused, but trust your swollen bank account and ego will get you through what must be a very tough time for you, your family and your Porsche.

Back to today and work was extremely slow with it being a holiday. No shops were open and I had to go to the petrol station for my lunch. The sandwiches all had best before days of today or yesterday. The ones with salad were all soggy and yellow and the shelves were disgusting. I plumped for a bottle of milk and a bag of crisps; anything else and I would have been ill.

Gail picked me up in the car after work and we went for a wee drive with Laura. The rain still fell as it had done all day but we had fun nevertheless. The roads were more or less clear and we were able to nip around easily. As a treat (for Laura) we got a drive-thru MacDonalds for dinner.

In the evening Gail went over to her pals for an Ann Summers party and I "lent" her a few quid just in case she felt like buying anything. ;-)

This gave me time to work through and sort out the problems in issue 64 of Hunting Jack. It took a while and I'll maybe give it another run through tomorrow in the fresh light of day just to be sure.

A rejection came through from This Is It Magazine. In a weird kind of way I'm glad because this was one of the first publications I ever submitted anything to. They accepted Once A Borderer last April and published it in May. I always had a small niggling wonder that getting the story published so quickly and with so little rejections from an online magazine, was more down to the quality of the editing process rather than the quality of my work.

And so in a perverse way, having them reject work that I would think is technically better than work I produced a year ago, proves the piece was worthy after all.

I'll put it down to another bout of self-doubt, which creeps into my brain every now and then when things are going well.
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