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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Busy, In A Non-Writing Sense

It was Gail's turn to go to work today and mine to stay off with Laura. The school club were unable to open for the Easter holiday, which left a lot of parents in trouble with childcare. Fortunately, my job is flexible enough to take time off whenever we need cover.

The day started lazily enough with coffee, toast and cartoons. We got dressed and nipped round to the local shop for some basics; milk, bread, newspaper, Bisodol! The weather was pretty poor; rain and dark clouds for miles so there wasn't much chance of us doing anything outside today.

Laura's wee friend from next door phoned to ask if Laura wanted to come round to play. "Of course!" I said, and off she went, giving me time to tidy up the house and do more packing for the big move.

I was under instruction to get Laura to her extra dance class for the Festival performance, and it was then that things started to go wrong. I turned the house upside down looking for her leotard and dance trousers - absolutely no sign of them anywhere. She had to go with a pair of joggies and t-shirt on, which may sound okay but they are strict in this place and I don't want her getting any hassle.

Then there was confusion over who was picking her up so I tried to contact Gail and my Mother in Law to find out the score. It was no good - neither was available so I had to wait about in rainy Leith for over half an hour before I knew if I could go home or wait for Laura to finish up. Eventually I found out my MIL was getting her so off home I went.

I made Welsh Rarebits for dinner; not the healthiest option but most satisfying to have every now and then. I watched Mastermind and saw the funniest subject I have seen on it for a long time. A writer/journalist bloke answered questions on his specialist subject of Trumpton! The Mayor, the Fire Brigade, Farmer Bell and Windy Miller were all put under the spotlight. When asked why, by John Humphrys, the man laughed and said, "Because it's always been in my life."

I read over issue 64 of Hunting Jack and ended up making some more big changes to it. I finally got it reading well and doing what I wanted so I moved on and also got through issue 65. One more, and I've done my month's quote set four weeks ago.

This month's GDR is almost due for analysis, so I am slightly conscious of time, but placing no pressure on myself to make sure it all gets done. I've had a good month overall, so it will be interesting to look back.

I had hoped to be able to find more time for writing today, but as is always the case when on babysitting duty, it never works out.
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