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Friday, March 25, 2005

A Reward For Jackie


With the Easter weekend all but here, most companies have the decency to let their employees enjoy a long weekend. With public transport at skeletal service, no sandwich shops open and none of our branches open, it would seem to make more sense to just go with the flow.

Not us. Not The Company.

I sat in work in a mostly empty office wishing there was someone to talk to, but it was not to be. My day perked though when I saw the front page of one of Scotland's national broadsheet newspapers.

In January, our [sarcasm removed] Chief Executive "sacrificed" his bonus of £524,000 ($980,000 USD) and pension entitlement of £1.4 million ($2.6 million USD), which everyone regarded as pretty nice thing to do seeing as The Company were in fact, cutting policy holder's bonuses and laying off loads of staff. He said he wanted to "align his interests with those of the members."

[section removed for possible slander]... for today it was announced that his bonus and pensions sacrifice [portion removed for stinging sarcasm] would increase by £2.75 million ($5.2 million USD) to the tune of £6.7 million ($12.5 million USD). So while he was cutting staff loose from their careers and customers pensions by 7.2%, he was seeing his own pension rise by 72%.

[paragraph removed due to inflammatory content]

This place stinks; not just from a great amount of un-washed hands, or from the lines of ants that constantly work their way across the desks, or even from the mice that sometimes chew on the cables during the night. It stinks of hypocrisy, lies, fat-cat mincers and greed.

Note: The above comments are purely a mix of facts taken from The Herald newspaper on Friday 25th March, and my personal comments on a generic basis. None of the above comments can be related to any specific company, though the facts themselves do.

I polished up the last two issues of Hunting Jack still waiting in the queue and updated the issue summary and character tracker. The story is now mapped out to the end and it looks like 9 months is going to bring Hunting Jack to its fitting climax. As I've said before, this route may change, but the outcome is now decided. There are a few loose points I need to ensure get tied up but they are minor and easy enough. I'll have to find out how the contract situation works too.

It's going to be a hell of a ride down to the finish. I don't know about my readers, but I'm getting the seatbelt tightened and bracing myself for a bumpy and exciting ride.

I got home and sat down to a big plate of home-cooked mince and tatties, delicious! Then I wrote out two large issues of Hunting Jack taking me to the end of issue 64 and 73,500 words (81%). It was a happy writing session; I got to finally reward Jackie and it felt good. It was always going to happen and it felt good to see him enjoying himself and more importantly, finding himself. It's just the rest that needs to fall into place now.

Yesterday's 'Things I might/might not have done' list provoked some interesting responses. Naturally I am bound to secrecy, but I will reveal that of my list of 34 items, I HAVE done 22 of them! Figure the rest out ourselves ;-)
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